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What Amazon says

Throughout time, the poet has used words to convey feelings, share ideas and unite the reader with their vision. Think Tanka uses the traditional structure of Japanese lyric poetry to unite the reader to the vision of the poet. if you can “see” what she is trying to “say” in every grouping of 31 syllables, then she has done her job. Think Tanka is a book for those who appreciate poetry, those who enjoy short reads, people who like to smile and those who know what it is like to be lost in a world of imagination. Whether you are buying this book for yourself or someone else, you’ll want to make sure you get an extra copy so you’ll have one on hand to share.

My review

Annette Rochelle Aben is a poet with a huge heart who finds joy and pleasure in everything around her. She does a lovely job of conveying her enjoyment of life to readers through her poetry which provides uplifting messages, curious insights and, often, a jolly good laugh. All of the author’s poems have one thing in common, they all inspire happiness in the reader.

There are also some thoughts that quite shake your views of the world. Once such poem is Afraid & Grave:
Anxious to be liked
She just had to be herself
Which was not subtle
So, she numbered her feathers
And stepped out wearing glitter

One of the poems I thought was the prettiest in the collection was Autumn Leaves:
Walking through fall’s world
Appreciating colors
Crunching foliage
Gold sounds a lot like orange
Crimson feels warm like the sun

Lastly, I am sharing my overall favourite poem in this collection called simply Eyes & Shelter
Sweet sheltering heart
Defies logic’s gravity
Allow compassion to reign
By way of eternal love

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