Why I write poetry? – Guest Post by Robbie Cheadle…

I am over at TheStoryReadingApe blog today with an article about why I write poetry. Thank you for hosting Kim and I, Chris.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Writing poetry, for me, is an escape valve that I use to download my thoughts about situations and circumstances that cause me great stress and turbulent emotion. I have never been a person who wrote poems about beautiful things and nature, although I enjoy reading this type of poetry myself as I find it soothing.

My poetry is usually an outpouring of emotion, often fueled by my own inability to find a solution or remedy to a given situation. I express myself in words to release my anguish and I find it does work well for me.

Open a new door, the book of poems I wrote with fellow poet, Kim Blades, includes a lot of poems about poverty, corruption and the frustration and pain of life for many people living in Southern Africa. Kim’s poetry is like mine in this respect, although nature conservation and the threats posed by…

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16 thoughts on “Why I write poetry? – Guest Post by Robbie Cheadle…

  1. I appreciated reading the longer post at the other site. I often wonder about the people on the streets here too and see that we share the same combination of compassion and helplessness.

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      1. Here, too, while not as pervasive as near you, increasing numbers of Americans are homeless, food deficient and struggling. All the while the rich keep getting richer.

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  2. This poetry book sounds so interesting. I’d like to get my hands on ‘While the Bombs fell’ and this poetry book which sounds so relatable but Amazon says ‘Not Available.’ Please help.

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