Finding the right books to interest your child in reading

I am over at Writing to Be Read today with an article about finding the right books to interest your child in reading. Thank you for hosting me Kaye Lynne Booth.

Writing to be Read

Growing bookworks 2

In the few weeks since my last post, two of the bloggers I follow have written a post about children’s books that influenced their lives and the choices they made during their early adulthoods.

These posts set me to thinking about which books, of the enormous number I read as a young girl, had the most impact on me and my life. This thought then led me to thinking about why I love books and reading so much and why it was so important to me that my own boys discover the joys of the written word. From these various thought patterns emerged the realisation that I understood fairly early on in motherhood that, if I wanted my boys to love reading as much as I did, I had to identify what sorts of books would appeal to them enough to draw them away from all the competing attractions in…

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8 thoughts on “Finding the right books to interest your child in reading

  1. I went over and read the extended piece and can agree with you in many ways. My daughter, like me, was a natural reader and devoured everything in sight. So is one of my grandchildren. The other much prefers building and running, but he has discovered graphic novels which suit him perfectly.

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    1. I am glad you have had a similar experience with books for children, Elizabeth. When I was at school we were not allowed to read graphic novels, “they didn’t count as books” but I have found that boys really like them and reading is reading, after all.

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