#Bookreview – Shapes of Greg (Angelic Business #2)

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What Amazon says

This is book 2 in the series ‘Angelic Business’.
What more could happen after the death and resurrection of your mother? What could Heaven and Hell toss at Pink to top that? Well, to start with, she gets a new hellish babysitter, who is seriously hot. And although everybody likes him, he only has eyes for her. When she learns what the price was for the ‘miracle’ of saving her mother, she realises that she must be careful, as Hell doesn’t lose gracefully.
One of her friends wants to find the perfect man, the other one gets into a relationship she refuses to talk about, there’s a demon who doesn’t know when to give up and an angel who seems to have his own agenda. What on Earth, Hell or Heaven is going on?

My review

This is the second book in the Angelic Business series and I loved it just as much as the first book. Pink, an ordinary school girl with two great friends and lovely parents, discovered in book 1 that the angels in Heaven and the fallen angels in Hell believe she is the “chosen one”. Hell sends G, a fallen angel which an interesting character and who is plagued by doubts about the choices he has made in the past, to develop a relationship with Pink. Naturally, Heaven also wants to get in on the action and they send an angel to keep an eye on both Pink and G.

Book 2 starts off with G being withdrawn from Pink’s case and assigned to a new one. I was heartbroken as I love G but I hoped he would be back. Pink gets new demon assigned to her in the form of the fantastically good looking Dash, masquerading at a PE teacher at her school. Everyone in the school, including one of her best friends, Lorna, falls for Dash. That is everyone except Pink who really far prefers G.

Things become rather awkward when Dash starts setting up meetings to talk to Pink on her own and everyone in the school notices and then G starts reappearing for little chats and to give her bits of advice. Why is Pink’s other friend, Sylvia, acting in such a strange and secretive way? What happens when Dash discovers G’s clandestine visits to visit Pink? Will Pink decide to make an alliance with the gorgeous Dash? To find out you will have to read this fun and quick book.

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24 thoughts on “#Bookreview – Shapes of Greg (Angelic Business #2)

  1. Thanks so much, Robbie. I’m very happy you enjoyed it. Middle books in a trilogy are always complicated. I hope you enjoy the third one too. G is back although… 😉

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  2. And thanks for all your readers’ comments. If anybody fancies a look, the first book in the trilogy is permanently free in most places. 🙂

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