#Flashfiction – Bucket of water


The four boys emerged from the sandpit looking like sand monsters. Sand matted their fair hair and stuck like a second, gritty skin to their bodies and swimming costumes.

Earlier, the three bigger boys had dragged the hosepipe over to the giant sandpit and run water into holes dug into the sand. They burrowed into the resultant mud like baby hippos.

Mom laughed when she saw them. “It’s time to clean up.”

She reappeared with a bucket filled with soapy water. “Get in, Michael, and rinse that sand off. I’ll squirt the rest of you down with the hosepipe.”

This 99-word piece of flash fiction was written for Carrot Ranch Literary Communities weekly flash fiction challenge. You can join in here: https://carrotranch.com/2019/03/21/march-21-flash-fiction-challenge/

52 thoughts on “#Flashfiction – Bucket of water

      1. Yes, all kids want to get into the backyard action. I miss those days – my guys have long outgrown the sandbox and the backyard. But the good thing is our yard is still a magnet for kids, so there’s always something to watch through the window. Thanks for reading and commenting, Robbie.

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  1. Oh Robbie this brings back so many memories for me! I remember when our property used to flood so my siblings and I went and swam in our field with the horses despite it being 40°F and then went for a roll in the muddy silt – my mom made us all bathe in an empty trash can before we were allowed inside to shower! Great take on the prompt.

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      1. That is amazing of you to give that experience to your children as well! Not very many kids get to experience things like that. I truly feel blessed I got to so I plan to do the same for my children as well!

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    1. My boys loved that sandpit and it was so good for them. I used to get right in with them and we made sand aeroplanes and trains and, of course, pirate island. I haven’t even mentioned the cricket breeding project get. It took two years to get rid of them.

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