Developing imagination and creativity through reading

I am over at Writing to be read today with a post about developing imagination and creativity through reading. These are vital skills for our children as we enter the digital age.

Writing to be Read

Growing bookworks 2“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Einstein

It takes imagination and creativity to make the leaps of logic, faith and inspiration necessary for new inventions and technological development. As the human race stands on the brink of the digital revolution which is already changing the way we live, work and relate to each other, we need to empower our children with the skills they need to cope with an increasingly faster paced and continuously changing world. The development of critical thinking skills and creative problem solving abilities are essential in order for our children to thrive and excel in the work places of the future.

How do we go about instilling these vital skills in our children?

Creative and imaginative play is an excellent way of developing “out of the box” thinking skills in children. Another important way of developing imagination and creativity is reading.

Reading books and hearing stories…

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19 thoughts on “Developing imagination and creativity through reading

  1. Yes I absolutely agree totally with this very inspiring and knowledgeable post of yours Robbie. Children today in this world of digital technology require imagination and creativity which will play a major role in shaping their young brains and their future. Loved the cute little picture too.

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  2. Robbie, this is a superlative post about reading and its power! I was nodding in agreement with all your points and I think this should be forwarded to all schools, parents, carers! Inspiring, passionate and researched … truly written from the heart! Your summing up says it all: That Reading “ … is the ability of human beings to be imaginative and creative, to experience great emotion and passion and to invoke these same feelings in others, that ensures we will never become “robotised”.

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    1. I am so pleased you liked this post, Annika. I wrote a whole book on the impact of the digital revolution on Africa and how ready the continent was for it and my research has always stayed in my mind. I did a bit of refresher research for this post and it was fun.

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