#Poetrybookreview – The Moon is Wearing a Tutu by Joy and Eric Lennick


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What Amazon says?

A little book, full of jokes, Limericks, poems, short stories and one-liners, from husband and wife team, Joy and Eric Lennick.

Both authors in their own “write”, they have collaborated to bring you this fun read.

My review

This book comprises of a number of unusual  poems that certainly force you to think deeply by Joy Lennick and a few poems, limericks and humorous one-liner jokes by Eric Lennick. There are also two, clever 50-word short stories by Jean Wilson.

While the entire book was entertaining to read, I really enjoyed some of Joy’s wickedly humorous poems. She uses her words like little knives to cut into the body of a matter and expose its beating heart in a manner that is humorous but sharply to the point.

The one that I related to the most was Think Outside the Box:

“I think out of the box

and why not?

(Are you wary your copybook you’ll blot?!)

I’m fed up with sheep

who seem half asleep

individuals they certainly are not.

To say “aab” not “baa”

is OK.

For a change why not try it today!

The fox you could fox –

confusing his “box,”

just say “aab” and get clean away.”

An excellent read, I rated this book four out of five stars on Amazon.

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