A crazy weekend and two fractured fairy tales

This past weekend definitely tops the list as one of my most OCD workaholic ones ever.

On a personal front, Michael wrote his entrance examination for high school today. It required some preparation by me as I had to write a CV for him and prepare copies of his reports and therapy outcomes because he is currently in a remedial school. The exam was three hours and he is now exhausted but he seems confident that it went okay and he finished both the maths and the English parts.

My aunt who had a hip replacement recently is doing much better but she is still with us for another week. It was lovely to be able to pop down to my parent’s cottage and have a chat to her on Saturday and Sunday.

Michael had a friend over on Saturday and I spent some time chatting to the friend’s mother. It is always lovely to make a new friend and if your children are also friends, it is an added bonus.

I baked an apple cake for tea this coming Sunday and put it in the freezer with the red velvet cake I baked last weekend. I am making a special cake for the family tea this coming Sunday, 10 February.


My Dad took both boys out for a boys morning doing boys things like shooting airguns. That left me and my mom to do our thing and that is how I ended up editing and re-writing my new story on the Anglo Boer War for six hours. My mother is a slave driver and gave me all her edits and suggestions and then waited patiently while I did additional research and re-writes so that she could give me more edits and suggestions. I am really lucky to have her to help me.

Greg had to write a modern fractured fairy tale. I am sharing it as I thought his idea was rather inspirational. It is based on Goldilocks and the three bears:

Goldilocks was born in Syria. She was forced to leave Syria because of a civil war. She and her family left Syria on foot and walked for kilometres across Egypt and the desert to reach Libya.

In Libya, Goldilocks was in a refugee camp in Tripoli. Eventually her family found a ship captain willing to take them to Europe. Her family and two hundred other refugees were piled onto a small boat and they set of. The trip was difficult and the sea was rough which made Goldilocks seasick. She was glad that she was only seasick as many other passengers fell off the boat and drowned. After countless hours on the sea, land was finally in sight. She didn’t know what country she had landed in at first until the captain told her. It was Italy

In Italy, Goldilocks and her family had to sleep on the street. There was no money for the citizens let alone refugees who were seeking asylum. Italy was a beautiful place but for Goldilocks it was confusing and difficult to cope. She had no money and could barely feed herself by going through the dustbins and stealing a loaf of bread every few days. Her family were stuck at the border between France and Italy for many long, difficult weeks, until they were finally allowed into France.

In France, they were placed in yet another refugee camp. They were given a blanket, a pillow and some food each day. Each day went by fairly happily until one day everything changed. Goldilocks didn’t know what happened but suddenly everybody was hostile towards her. The police were suspicious of her and life became unbearable. Her family feared for themselves and quickly fled to the German border.

They were allowed into Germany quite easily and were placed in another refugee camp. They were given food, water and a blanket and pillow. Germany was beautiful and the people were kind and accepting. Her life was quite peaceful and quiet. She was finally happy and everything was just right.”

Did you get that the three bears where the three countries – pretty clever I thought.

In order to inspire him, I re-wrote the 99-word fractured fairy tale I wrote and then last last year for Charli Mills’ Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Rodeo. It is based on The Little Match Girl but has a happier ending:

The last minute shoppers hurried past the girl. The biting wind and thick snow inspired speed. Their minds were filled with thoughts of warming soups and crusty bread lathered with butter making her invisible to them.

Her thin hands shock as she tried to coax a flame from her old lighter. The fluid was nearly finished. Hunger gnawed at her belly as she tried to hold her body up straight.

“Hello,” said the boy.

He held a parcel out towards her.

“I saw you sitting here and I asked my mom to buy me a blanket and some food.”

What did you do this weekend? Was it as crazy as mine?


PS, I had a few requests for the chocolate fudge chocolate ball recipe. You can find it here: https://bakeandwrite.co.za/chocolate-fudge-balls/



59 thoughts on “A crazy weekend and two fractured fairy tales

  1. Terrific stories – as much of the midwestern US was under a polar vortex, one person anonymously paid for 85 homeless people to stay at a hotel…there are things we can all do to make the world a better place….millions of “small ways” add up!

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  2. Some of my best friends I acquired because our kids were friends. How lucky for you to be able to spend time with your mom editing your story. I wish Michael the best of luck. As usual, you had a crazy busy and productive weekend.

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  3. I’ll be honest, I read the entire story but once I saw the words, ‘velvet cake’, that’s all I could think about, my imagination was salivating. Your weekends must be, what, 3nor 4 days? Yikes, how do you do so much? 😉

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  4. As usual what you accomplish in a weekend makes me tired. I guess it’s my age. So happy you get to write with your Mom. I envy you. Greg’s story is so mature. How sad our children aren’t more innocent these days. I apologize for missing so many of your posts. I had multiple family illnesses during the summer and fall that took my time and creativity. Things are on an even keel now so I should be around more. Smile.

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    1. Thanks Diana. I try to use my time effectively and I never sleep in. I like to write in the quiet of the mornings. I thought Greg’s ideas was clever and very topical too. His educational opportunity is very different to mine. We were taught largely by rote and regurgitation of numerous facts.

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    1. I told him it is in God’s hands, Tandy. If it is the right thing for him, he will get in. Greg is very hopeful. He spend the whole evening giving Michael an overview of school life at St John’s. I know the registration fee is not refundable. Most people donate the deposits to the school when their boys leave eventually.

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  5. Good luck to Michael with his high school application. Is it normally the procedure to do that over there? Or is it because of the kind of school he had been in previously?

    I love Greg’s fairy tale. Yes, I got that the three bears were the three countries. I also love your happier ending to the little match girl.

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  6. Robbie, the creativity in your family shines out! Greg’s story is wonderful and gifted, and so topical! Ahh.. The Little Matchgirl is one of my favourite Hans Christian Anderson tale but it always made me sad ..l I love your version here!

    A busy weekend here but not one like yours! Sunday was finally sunny so lovely to head out for a long walk across the fields and woodland – absolutely heavenly!

    Btw. Good luck to Michael! Also, the fudge balls look delicious, and I’m heading off to print out the recipe!

    Hope your week is a bit calmer! 😀

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      1. Of course he will, Robbie and as you know we can only love and support our children through life both their truimphs and rejections because that is life and our role as a mum xxx But fingers crossed he will get an interview …Hugs xxx

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  7. What a crazy weekend! I love the fractured fairy tale story – in three countries. Way to go, Greg. And fingers crossed that all goes well with Michael and his school applications. Best to you, Robbie.

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      1. You are welcome, Robbie. And, I completely understand. It feels like yesterday. Does it help Michael’s acceptance that his brother is already a student there? Many school over here look favorably on a sibling. Fingers crossed. 🤞

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      2. Hi Jennie, yes it does help that his brother is there and Michael is also an old boy as went there until grade 3. St John’s is the top boys school in Johannesburg (in South Africa, I think) so they have 450 applicants for 75 places. Some of the places go to previously disadvantaged children and to scholarship boys so there are about 60 places left after that.


  8. It sounded like quite a weekend for you, and the apple cake looks amazing (so do the chocolate fudge chocolate balls with sprinkles). Always nice to have some down time and time to write. Sometimes my weekends get so busy that it’s hard to find time to write my book or even edit what I’ve written. Most of my weekends is taken up by cooking and prepping for next week’s meals or cleaning the house. I am also spending this weekend catching up on blogs and discovering new ones 🙂 Hope you are having a good week ahead, Robbie 🙂

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