#Poetryreadathon – Lost in the labyrinth of my mind by Kevin Morris

Poetry readathon

What Amazon says

A collection of poems about nature, love, and life in general.

My review

I have to state right up front that I love the style and flow of Kevin Morris’ poetry. There is something about how Kevin writes that seems to captures the true heart of poetry and it is a pleasure to read his poems.

I have read other poetry books by Kevin Morris and they have been lovely reading experiences but this particular volume really appealed to me. Perhaps because the poems in this book are slightly darker and highlight the more secretive, devious and hidden side of human nature and also the more willful, untamed and wilder side of nature. Kevin uses his carefully chosen and powerful words to cut to the beating heart of a wide variety of weighty and sometimes political subjects.

Here are a few of my favourite stanza’s from poems form Lost in the labyrinth of my mind:

From Country Places

In his study the squire sits,

From a glass of fine brandy he sips.

The dog his hand licks,

Elsewhere society falls to bits.

From Penelope’s Complaint

To float on a cloud

As angels sing loud


About the redemption of sins

Would, I think

Drive me to drink.

The devil would wink

And invite me to sink

To his abode below.

From Under the stars

Man moistens his dry lips.

I seek a saviour of a kind

In the hope some inner peace I may find”

He says shuddering at her needle lines.

“Your saviour I will be

Provided you can pay my fee.

A girl must live. Love isn’t free,

The book ends with a short analysis of why the author writes and the many different interpretations a reader may have of a poem.

I rated this book five out of five stars on Amazon.

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About Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris was born in Liverpool, on 6 January 1969. He attended the Royal School for the Blind and Saint Vincent’s School for the Blind (both of which are located in Liverpool). He has happy memories of leafing through “Palgrave’s Golden Treasury”, “The Oxford Book of English Verse” and other poetry collections in the school library. It was during his time in the school library, together with the many hours spent sitting on his grandfather’s knee as he read to me, that Kevin derived his love of literature and poetry in particular.

Kevin read history and politics at University College Swansea and graduated with a BA (joint hons) and a MA in political theory.

In 1994 Kevin moved to London where he now lives and works. He is lucky to live close to an historic park in the Upper Norwood/Crystal Palace area (a suburb of greater London). Upper Norwood derives it’s name from the Great North Wood and is one of the greenest parts of greater London.

Kevin uses a standard Windows computer equipped with software called Job Access with Speech or JAWS, which converts text into speech and braille enabling him to compose my poetry and perform other tasks on his computer.


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