#Writephoto – Imagination: I, Me, Myself and Mine

Give and Take did not expect to have triplets so soon after the birth of their daughter, I. The work and effort involved in feeding and caring for four young children under the age of three years old left Give with little energy to spare for life instruction. As a result, the task of teaching the four youngsters fell largely to Take. Give and Take named their three sons, Me, Myself and Mine.

Give and Take were opposites in natures. Give always thought of others and gave of herself to a point that it was detrimental to herself. She never had any “me” time and devoted herself entirely to the care of her family. Take, on the other hand, was a rather selfish character. He knew how to manipulate others to ensure he got the best of everything on offer. Give’s self inflicted slavery to her family left her with poor health for life and she died young.

I was a kind and generous personality. She was also the first born and had the focus and determination that are often characteristic of the oldest child. Give’s preoccupation with the triplets meant that I spend a lot of time at school and with her grandmother, Achievement. Her grandmother believed strongly in hard work, discipline and respect for others. I grew to be a lovely girl who achieved excellent marks as a result of her own self-discipline and good work ethic. I also found time to help others and gave generously to charities and non-profit organisations under the tutelage of her grandmother who believed these activities would build character and give I the tools to do well in life.

I obtained a scholarship to study medicine at a distinguished university and went on to become a well respected and wealthy doctor in pediatrics. Working with sick children gave I great job satisfaction and she was a happy and fulfilled woman. I lived a long life and, when she eventually retired, she was succeeded by her own daughters who were very similar in their thoughts and goals to her.

When I died she left a portion of her estate to her favourite charity for children. Her own children had done well in their own rights and were delighted that their mother’s death would make a difference to so many lives.

Me, Myself and Mine did not learn to be generous and kind under their fathers tutelage. The were very inwardly focused and thought only of themselves and what they could take away from a situation for their personnel gain. They never gave anything away to another person that belonged to them and could be sold for personal profit. They ensured that their lives were devoted to climbing the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. Wealth and power were the goals that inspired them.

Me, Myself and Mine had brilliant minds but they were bombastic and difficult to work for. They did not develop or respect the abilities of any of their staff. They worked hard at earning money but they did not have any self-discipline when it came to eating, drinking and drug-taking. They had affairs and cheated on their wives. Any small interest they had in their children was soon sacrificed at the altar of work and money.

They retired early due to their severe health problems that had developed over the years and lived alone. They had no succession plan as they had never been able to retain good staff. As a result the business they had spent their lives building soon ran into trouble and eventually had to be liquidated.

The money they had accumulated in their personal capacities eroded due to the high cost of the doctors and care providers they needed. Their wives and left them years before and their children saw no reason to put their own lives on hold to take an interest in, or care for, their ailing fathers. They died alone, with little of their wealth remaining.

Written for Sue Vincent’s photograph challenge: Imagination

50 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Imagination: I, Me, Myself and Mine

  1. Richard Brautigan was an iconic Author from the 60’s/70’s who wrote a book called “Trout Fishing In America” – his most famous work, but he followed it with “In Watermelon Sugar”, where the people lived in the town of Ideath – literally the death of self. He also wrote of characters who didn’t embrace the concept of a universal “all in” approach to life…anyway, your story was terrific, a very interesting take! Here is a post I wrote about him – he was also an accomplished Poet – https://johnrieber.com/2013/02/22/watermelons-babylon-and-trout-fishing-in-america-the-brilliant-richard-brautigan/

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