‘Dark Visions’ Edited by Dan Alatorre

Author Colin Garrow, who writes splendid stories about Sherlock Holmes among others, has written a fabulous review of Dark Visions Horror Anthology [in which I have two short stories].

Colin Garrow

Dark Visions

Compiled and edited by Dan Alatorre, this is another gathering of spooky stories that will appeal to horror fans, with tales from 27 different authors, including Alatorre himself.

What I like about collections of horror stories is that there’s usually something for everyone – whether you enjoy being scared witless or prefer to digest something that’ll make you consider the unknown, this is no exception. From the opening tale (by DT himself), we are plunged into the dark and creepy streets of New Orleans where an old skull catches the eye of a naïve tourist. As with many of the stories in this volume, it’s not one to read on a dark night with the wind whistling through the trees.

Allison Maruska’s box full of photographs (in The Stranger) left me with a feeling of uneasiness, while Jennifer Ruff sets the scene for a new start for…

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16 thoughts on “‘Dark Visions’ Edited by Dan Alatorre

  1. I don’t like horror stories..but somehow, I am driven to read them or watch them in movies. A real conundrum. I attribute it to a curiosity I can’t seem to quench about horror stories. Thank you sharing Dan Alatorre’s book, Dark Visions.

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      1. Robbie, that is wonderful that you have two short stories in Dark Vision. I am very tempted to buy Dan’s Alatorre’s Book just to read your short stories and of course, I will read all of them too. Actually, reading them is fine with me. I think horror movies are what really scare me silly.

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