#PoetryReadathon – My review of Echoes from the Forest by J.E. Gallery

Poetry readathon

What Amazon says

Echoes From the Forest is a collection of poems written from forests all over the world where Gallery-Smith reflects on situations, people and places around her. It is accompanied by photos equally set all over the world which accompany this anthology. She addresses the plight of street children in Johannesburg, Rhino’s across Africa as well as a more light-hearted look at Blue Icecream and her dogs waking the neighbours. She takes us back to the giggle of her little sister as well as the clock on her grandma’s wall. And she reflects on the futility of war past and present in the jungles or urban gangs. Gallery-Smith spend 10 years finding these words which she now wishes to share with you.

My review

This delightful book of poetry covers a wide spectrum of thoughts, ideas and passions by the author who has lived in a few interesting parts of the world including Ireland, Sri Lanka and South Africa. J.E. Gallery’s heartfelt poetry includes depictions of World War II and its impact on the soldiers as well as the women and children left behind at home, thoughts about the horror of the rhino poaching in South Africa, the amazing beauty of the Knysna forests, love of family and friends as well as the trauma of the tsunami in Sri Lanka.

The book also includes some lovely photographs that the poet has collected during her travels and life.

My favourite poem from this collection is called The No Mind No Thinks No Thought About No Things [The Buddha]. These are the first three stanza’s of this longish poem:

Can we;

Capture the tears of a dolphin shed for this dying world?

Touch the notes of a symphony, yet unwritten and unheard?

Touch a rainbow which is neither rain nor sun alone?

Capture the cries of an unborn child, still sleeping in the womb?


Can we;

Know “The mind is boundless until it creates a prison for its own thoughts?”

Follow the words of a man unknown, ignorant and untaught?

Follow the path of another, looking to find our own?

Know the truth from lies, on the other end of a phone?


Can we;

Touch a dream and hold it until we’re fully grown?

Capture the beauty of a flower and hold it as if it’s our own?

Capture “running waters” of a river in a bucket?

Tough the love of another, kept away in a locket?

This poem is a beautiful reminder of all that is good, powerful and even divine in life.

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Echoes from the Forest

Poetry Readathon update

Now that I am back at work, my reading has naturally slowed down a bit. I have three books left to review for the readathon and those reviews will be posted over the next three Saturdays.

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