The Beginning: The benefits of reading to young children

Join me over at Writing to be Read today with the first article in the Growing Bookworms series: The Beginning: The benefits of reading to young children.

Writing to be Read

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I have always read to my two sons. My reading to them started during my pregnancies. I read somewhere that reading to your unborn baby helps sooth the fetus and get him/her used to his/her parents voice. Any excuse to read was acceptable to me and I read the entire Jean Auel Earth Children series to Gregory during my second and third trimester.

Gregory was a difficult baby. He was born with a defect that resulted in him having eighteen operations between the ages of 1 and 6 years old. When he was crying and restless I used to read to him. It always helped him settle eventually and it calmed me too.

During my pregnancy with Michael I had a two year old toddler to read to. The unborn Michael was entertained by a series of books for small children like Rupert the Bear, Paddington and the Mr Men…

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22 thoughts on “The Beginning: The benefits of reading to young children

  1. At one point my daughter worked in a Child Life department in at New York City hospital for a program called Reach Out and Read which gave new books to children at each pediatric visit. It was very well received.

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    1. That sounds like a great programme, Elizabeth. We have collections of books for underprivileged schools here in South Africa. The problem here is the level of teaching is often poor so the children can’t read the books on their own. You have to combine giving books with giving time to assist with the reading.

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