#PoetryReadathon #Bookreview – Passages and Paths, A journey of life through poetry by Dorinda Duclos

Poetry readathon

Dorinda Duclos

I met Dorinda Duclos through her blog, Night Owl Poetry, and was drawn to her lovely poems and verses about nature, love and human emotion.

Dorinda has an amazing array of poetry books and writes in a number of different and interesting styles of poetry, including haiku, freestyle, rhyming verse and tanka poems. She covers the spectrum of emotions from love to ecstasy, fear and even horror. Dorinda writes serious poems and humorous poems and is one of the most versatile poets I have come across.

What Amazon says

In ‘A Journey of Life through Poetry’, Dorinda invites you to join her, as the wonder and awe of the Earth inspires her, bringing her visions to you through her poetry. Experience the setting sun, share in the challenges and victories of life, await the new day, and find yourself lost in the lush forest trees, as you join her on her journey, through Passages and Paths.

My review

Passages and Paths, a journey of life through poetry is a delightful collection of poems about nature and love. Through her beautifully descriptive nature poetry, the poet expresses her amazement at, and delight in, the natural world around her. Two of the lovely descriptive phrases I enjoyed in this book are “Spun in golden, silken threads,” and “Seductive eyes and lips of red” both taken from the poem, Swept Away in Golden Splendor.

Dorinda takes ordinary, everyday sights and shares the hidden beauty and intricacy of our amazing world.

There are a number of poems about enjoyment, love, desire and passion in this book too. One of my favourites was Without a Care:

“She reads aloud without a care

Unafraid that I am there

I have to wonder what she sees

When at last she looks at me

Continuing on with her journey in mind

She speaks of a forest, so soft and so kind

Of places that sparkle in emerald green

Of creatures she’s never really seen

Of beauty concealed in faraway lands

All this from a book

That she holds in her hands

Still she sits here before me

Enrapt in the story

As she utters the words

I can’t help but adore thee.”

Dorinda is a talented poet and her poems are certain to delight your soul.

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About Dorinda Duclos

Dorinda Duclos is a writer of poetry, sharing her life experiences in verse. She is also the author of the blog, Night Owl Poetry, and has amassed a following of fellow poets, writers and artists, and is highly recognized in social media. She is a member of the Poetry Society of America and the Academy of American Poets, as well as a guest writer on PoetsCornerBlog.wordpress.com

She was also involved in “Poets for Peace”, a collaboration of poems from poets around the world. This collaboration is now archived in the ‘Stanford University Archive’ of the ‘100,000 Poets for Change’ collection!

A wife and mother of two, Dorinda makes her home in northern New Jersey, surrounded by wildlife, and nature’s beauty, all inspiration for her poetry.

Her books include: #Seasons – Autumn Haiku Book One”, “Dark is the night – A Poetry Chapbook”, “Passages and Paths – A Journey of Life through Poetry” – “How Shall I Dream – A Collection of Poetic Musings” – “A Flight of Imagination” (Realm of Fantasy) – “A Flight of Imagination (Illusion of Fantasy) -“A Flight of Imagination” (Spirit of Fantasy) – “Pieces of Life – A Poetry Collection” – “Marrow of the Soul” and “Night Owl Poetry”.

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