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When I was a young girl, we were asked to do a school project on birthstones. I am a Pisces star sign and a bit of research revealed that my birthstone was an amethyst. I was very disappointed. Other star signs had, what seemed to me then, much better birthstones than mine. One friend had the pearl and another, the diamond. An amethyst was only a semi-precious stone with little monetary value. I was sad that I was a Pisces.

As I grew older I came to recognise the value of some of my Piscean traits. People born in late February and early March are dreamers. We see the world through rose coloured spectacles, rarely seeing the bad in anything. This quality has served me well over the years during periods when I had to deal with chronically ill children, a mother enduring chemotherapy and other breast cancer treatments and during times of anxiety in other aspects of my life.

Pisces people are also known to be very devoted to the important people in their lives. I know this trait comes out very strongly in my relationships with my parents, husband and children. They are very precious to me and, my mother in particular, has always sat upon the golden throne of my adoration. My mother can do little wrong in my eyes and I go into a complete tailspin when she is ill. My two sons sit upon similar puffy white clouds although I do try to be a bit strict with them so that they learn the value of hard work and perseverance.

I have come to realise over the years that while my birthstone might not be the most valuable of them all, I am very blessed to have a fairly well-regulated and happy temperament which I attribute partially to my star sign. Happiness with your choices and chosen path in life is a very precious thing indeed.

What star sign are you? Do you think you exhibit any of the attributed character traits?



45 thoughts on “#SOCS – Precious

  1. Welcome to the Pisces club! I thought I detected some similar traits between us. I too am a dreamer, hence my motto, “dreamer of dreams, teller of tales.” I have often been accused of seeing the world through rose coloured glasses and am totally devoted to my family and friends. I am happy to be a Piscean. Pisces rock!!

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    1. Hi Jennie, how interesting that both your children are Piscean. I have one Pisces child (Greg) and one Aquarius child. I also have one Pisces sister and two Aquarius sisters. Interesting how we were all born around the same time of the calendar year. Both my boys are a mixture like me and are good at art and maths.

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    1. Aquarius is a star sign that I know very well. I have 2 Aquarius sisters and 1 Aquarius child. I find Aquarius people to be very gregarious and very loving and helpful. They are also quite supportive of their dreamy Piscean sister/mother.

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  2. This is lovely Robbie, you certainly hold your family as very precious. It is lovely to hear about your childhood disappointmentabout your birthstone. I love Amethyst, personally I love Amethyst it is a calming colour. My birthstone is Sapphire funnily enough the stone in my engagement ring .💜💜

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    1. Thank you, Willow. Yes, my family are my everything, including my little sisters and my husband’s family too. A sapphire is a lovely birthstone and a lovely stone to have in your engagement ring. Such a beautiful colour.


    1. Emeralds are really beautiful, Elizabeth. I too, have never owned one. My best friend when I was in high school is a Taurus and we got on very well. She has subsequently immigrated so we lost touch but she has a special place in my heart and memories.

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  3. Interesting! Someone mentioned that they are Aquarius and love water. Aquarius is an AIR sign (unless I’m hugely mistaken). Is Pisces a water sign? I imagine so. Both my husband and I are Gemini’s – air- One son Aquarius the other Libra, also air signs.

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    1. HI Susan, Aquarius is an air sign but it is also the water carrier so that may be where the comment came from. Pisces is a water sign and I get on very well with air signs. My husband and best friend are Gemini’s and my one son an Aquarius. I have good Libra friends too.

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  4. Robbie, I am a Cancer sign (I don’t like the name of my sign at all) and I don’t particularly like rubies either, I like emeralds and pearls. My twin sister and I were born 6 weeks early, however, I am very much a Cancer personality.

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      1. Yes…our signs do get on very well, a kindred spirit, and I connected with your writing immediately, your are a very talented writer. I do love pearls, too, I have several different lengths and I love pearl earrings and bracelets too and rings. I am also a water baby, I was an Ocean Life guard in college. So, I guess the Cancer sign suits me!

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      2. It does sound like you are a “real” Cancerian. Thank you for your kind comments about my writing. I am still learning so much but it is a lot of fun and I feel I am growing as a result of it.


  5. I’ve always liked amethysts – purple is one of my favorite colors. I’m a Virgo by the traditional calendar, but don’t possess many of those traits. When they announced the 13th sign, that changed me to a Leo, and certainly explained a lot of things, lol.

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  6. Every stone has its value Robbie. I’m a Gemini and my June birthstone is both pearl and Alexandrite. I too used to think Alexandrite was a boring stone that changes from red to green and vice versa, according to the light. Now it’s a valuable and expensive stone because it’s becoming rare to mine. Go figure! 🙂

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