Fondant roses

I just finished reading a post by Paul Andruss about roses. I love roses, they are my favourite flower and I particularly like yellow roses. I thought I would shares some of the cakes I have decorated with fondant roses over the past few years. You can read Paul’s post on Sally Cronin’s amazing blog here:





This how to make a fondant rose:

How to make a small rose out of fondant tutorial

Have a lovely weekend.



64 thoughts on “Fondant roses

      1. Roses remind me of my maternal Grandma. She loved them, and before he died, my granddad made a rose garden for her in their garden in Kenya. She would look after it and was very protective of it! Roses remind me of her…

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  1. Applesauce, Robbie! Those roses are gorgeous. The ones on the white cake look so real I could almost smell them.
    The first cake (with shades of purple — at least that’s how my monitor is reading it, often colors differ from one computer to another), made me want to tell you… My next novel (the one I’ve been editing all this time), Atonement in Bloom — one element of the story is “the blue rose of the impossible.” Those colors being close to blue, I particularly liked that cake.
    Clicking over to visit Paul. Hugs on the wing!

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    1. Hi Teagan, that cake does have roses in shades of purple and pink. I also thought it was pretty and your new book sounds fabulous. I studied the roses in my garden before I made the big ones as it was my intention that they look like the real thing.

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