#Flashfiction – The feathers of the indwe (blue crane)


This week I am last with my piece of flash fiction. Charli asked us to write about the charisma of the crane. Better late than never so here is my piece.

The stern countenance of the old warrior looked peaceful despite the wails and lamentations of the women of the village. The feathers of the blue crane, or indwe, stuck out of his hair; a startling contrast to his lined and worn features.

During his life, he had been proud of this illustrious decoration. The feathers had been bestowed on him by the Chief of his Xhosa tribe at the ceremony called ukundzabela. The great battle at which he had distinguished himself would always be remembered by his descendants. He had been one of the men of ugaba or trouble.

I don’t have a fondant crane to share so you got to enjoy an ostrich. You can read the other entries for this challenge here: https://carrotranch.com/2018/05/16/charisma-of-cranes/

If you are interested in reading about potato pastry and the Dig for Victory campaign during WWII in England, you can read my post here: https://bakeandwrite.co.za/wwii-potato-pastry/


49 thoughts on “#Flashfiction – The feathers of the indwe (blue crane)

      1. Hi Robbie. Don’t apologise I know how busy you are. I will be driving to fetch my son back from the Natal Midlands from about 2.30 pm on Friday (18th) and won’t be answering my phone until after 6 pm. Kim

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  1. Wow! This is great, Robbie. You may be last, but never least. I had to look a few words up, which is always great. I get to learn stuff I didn’t know. Your story is quite powerful and all the more so when I learned a little more about it. I’m fascinated that the blue crane is South Africa’s national bird. Queensland also has a crane as its bird emblem.

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    1. I am so glad you enjoyed this story, Norah. I was going to write about the crane as the national bird but then I found out about the crane feathers and this Xhosa custom which I thought was so interesting. When I was a girl, I used to read with a dictionary and look up words I didn’t know.

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      1. I’m pleased you did, Robbie. It’s fascinating. How much easier it is now to look up words – just select, right click and ask Google. I learn heaps. 🙂

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