Raw Literature: Writing with Mother

My Mom and I are visiting Charli at Carrot Ranch today to talk about our writing experience together for While the Buzz Bombs Fell. Thank you, Charli for hosting us.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

By Robbie Cheadle

About mid last year, my Mother and I decided we should write the story of her growing up during the Second World War in the small town of Bungay in East Anglia, Britain.

I had listened to my Mother’s childhood stories for my whole life. I thought her tales of chamber pots and an outhouse, food, coal and clothing rationing, icicles inside the scullery windows, washing using a copper tub and a mangle and children being sewn into their vests called stays, were very interesting. The additional overlay of war conditions only added to the excitement as she spoke of buzz bombs that suddenly dropped out of the sky, wreaking devastation on the area below, American soldiers billeted in canvas tents on the common, and the family hiding in bomb shelters during air raids.

I thought my Mother’s story was interesting enough to warrant writing down and…

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25 thoughts on “Raw Literature: Writing with Mother

  1. Robbie, it was exciting just to learn about how it came together. I was just about to say it must have been a labor of love — then I saw your comment verifying that. I’m looking forward to this one. It will be grand! Hugs to you and to your mom.

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  2. Robbie, I’m popping over the Read the rest … it was always interesting to listen to my father in law’s tales of the war as a young child and I look forward to reading your mother’s experiences.

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