#writephoto – Ascent


This tanka poem was written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Write Photo Prompt. You can join in the fun here: https://scvincent.com/2018/05/03/thursday-photo-prompt-ascent-writephoto/


39 thoughts on “#writephoto – Ascent

  1. I interviewed Tom Hanks once, and he told me never to get too full of yourself, and never get too down – try to stay even, so that the ups and downs around you don’t drag you along…

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  2. True words Robbie. I am not going to be blogging very much for a while as I am trying to concentrate on actually writing and finishing lots of writing projects I have started and left hanging. I will be visiting your blog as well as some of my other favourites but I won’t always comment. Don’t think I don’t care or am being lazy if I don’t comment, I am just trying to prioritize my time. x

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      1. … I wouldn’t know. I don’t think I’ve been there yet! I’m still somewhere in the middle. I’m not at the bottom… But, I can’t seem to make myself step in the people in my way to check out that view at the top! 😉… But, the middle’s not so bad. 😊

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      2. I am at the top from an academic and knowledge point of view. As I also can’t step on people, I have chosen not to make money my god and am not at the top from a financial perspective.


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