#Carrotranchflashfiction – Reach for a dream

We have so many different dreams. Some people aspire to be great mothers and wives. Other people are driven to achieve in their careers and maximize their earning potential. Many women want to work but want a work/life balance so that they can also see to the needs of their children.

We all have different ways of achieving our dreams. Some of us study for many years to be come doctors, lawyers and accountants. Other people undertake apprenticeships so that they can become artisans and still others develop portfolios to follow a dream in architecture, graphic design and other artistic  endeavors.

Men also have these choices and some of them are choosing to work from home and help to raise the children while their wives pursuit high profile jobs.

I think we are all united, however, in striving to achieve a dream of a better life for ourselves and our children.

This week Charli Mills has given the phrase “reach for a dream” as her prompt. The challenge is to incorporate this phrase into a piece of flash fiction of exactly 99-words.

Karen looked at her daughter sitting on the deck of the large passenger liner.  She looked so sweet in her lacy dress and matching sun bonnet.  The sudden death of her husband from a massive coronary had been a terrible shock. She had been left to raise this tiny dependent on her own. Her sister, Sandra, who lived in faraway South Africa, had offered to have them live with her.  Sandra would look after her daughter during the day while she worked. It was an opportunity. She could reach for her dream of a better life for them both.

You can join in this challenge here: https://carrotranch.com/2018/03/23/march-22-flash-fiction-challenge/


55 thoughts on “#Carrotranchflashfiction – Reach for a dream

  1. Hi Robbie. I like this story, it reminds of why my parents emigrated to SA from England in 1966, to give my sister and I a better chance of bright future, including better schooling and a chance to go to university, as well as getting away from overcrowded cities and bad weather.

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    1. Thank you, Janice, I have thought about writing a book about my Mom’s journey to South Africa and life here. Not an easy road at all for a single English woman. I did make the shoes; they were for a Christening cake for a friend of mine.

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