I love you, Mom

Sir Choc B&W Day 6

I read a post this morning shared by my blogger friend Kamal from Boundless Blessings and it reminded me of an experience I had with my son, Gregory, when he was about seven years old.

I never smacked my kids so when they were naughty, I used to put them on the naughty chair facing the wall. By the time Greg was seven years old he was to big for the naughty chair so I started putting him in his room for a short time. One day, Gregory, blew pepper in young Michael’s face. He had seen this on a television show and thought it would be great to try this out on his brother. I was furious. Michael is a chronic asthmatic so the pepper in his face resulted in an asthma attack. Of course, Gregory, didn’t plan that but I was still very mad. I put him in his room and locked the door! Greg was very upset, he banged on the door to be let out but I felt he needed to stay there for a while.

When I opened the door about 15 minutes later, I saw that Greg had used a stone from his collection to carve something into the window. I was annoyed until I saw that he had carved “Sorry! I love you, Mom” into the glass. Those marking are still there and I see them whenever I go into his room.

You can read Kamal’s story here: https://boundlessblessingsblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/09/anger-love-have-no-limits/


Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series and Robbie Cheadle is the author of Silly Willy goes to Cape Town


68 thoughts on “I love you, Mom

  1. The way to discipline children is never straight cut… but a sign, like what you received, shows that discipline, in the right form, will never diminish the love that child has for you, onky strengthen their respect for you. X

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  2. Oh children… They do the wildest things.. Lol! I remember convincing my sister that salt was pixie dust and could make her fly by jumping off our coffee table saying “look! I flew! If you use more it works longer!” … Luckily my mother caught her just as she was about to test this theory out our 2nd storey bedroom window!! 😫

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  3. Love between a parent and child – there’s no match for it! While it resulted in a beautiful message for you, I daresay you still wonder about the effectiveness of your actions. We always do.

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  4. I so agree totally with your reaction, Robbie and it sure happens with mothers cause sometimes children too can be naughty and there are lessons to be taught and in a fit of anger a mother sometimes do causes pain to her children and we sure regret afterwards but it is a kind of lesson also to them how they need to behave with others. So cute of him to engrave these words on glass. These are great memories that we too cherish.

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  5. Gosh Robbie, I feel I am speechless having read the other story. Anger is such an awful thing, and children are so innocent never intentionally wanting to hurt anyone. That poor boy, now has to live with the reminder of no fingers and no father. So sad.

    I am with you on not laying a hand on children. I believe children need discipline. They need to be told of what they have done wrong and need to understand why.
    You have a gentle reminder of the love your son has for you everytime you walk into his room. Parenthood is a joy and such a blessing as are our children. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Lynne. I was also shocked and horrified by that other story and I think I felt I needed to share my story to remind myself how it could have been. One should never react in anger to a child, they need to be guided and loved.

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