#Bookreview – PhoKu by Annette Rochelle Aben

PhoKu: Visual Perspective Haiku by [Aben, Annette]

What Amazon says

This book is the marriage of photography and Haiku, hence the title: PhoKu. Traditional Japanese Haiku is based in nature. The photographs in this book were taken during my visits to parks, lakes and of the flora and fauna in my neighborhood, here in Michigan. To honor the peace, serenity and joy I find in communing with nature using my PhoKu, brings a smile to my heart. May this book inspire you take the time to enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

My review

The road can seem long

When you are walking alone

You have time to think

This is but one of the beautiful Haiku’s included in this gem of a book. I like this poem especially because I feel that it turns the potentially sad idea of walking life’s road alone into a happy and enlightening experience.

Each Haiku is matched with a delightful photograph and the combination is both literarily and aesthetically appealing. PhoKu is the kind of book that you can keep by your bedside and dip into before you go to sleep or when you feel like you need a bit of a pick me up.

I am a great admirer of Annette Aben’s talent for sharing her delight in life and the world about her through her brilliant use of words and photography.

Recent Amazon reviews

Kim Gosselin, a verified purchaser, rated this book five out of five stars and said:

Annette Rochelle Aben will delight you with the peaceful words and photographs discovered in her latest book, PhoKu. It’s keen to see why the author is so taken with her Michigan surroundings, as readers will gently glide from one page to the next. Her words trickle off the tongue, matching photographs of tranquility to soothe any reader’s soul. This is a book that never leaves my desk. When I am troubled or stressed, it’s the first thing I reach for to quiet my mind.

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Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series and Robbie Cheadle is the author of Silly Willy goes to Cape Town

69 thoughts on “#Bookreview – PhoKu by Annette Rochelle Aben

      1. Gee whiz, that’s terrific. I love this book. In fact, I was just flipping through it again. I would be honored if you felt so moved, to leave a review on Amazon. Reviews really DO help others learn more about a book. Thank you, again, for buying PhoKu! 🙂

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      1. Original haiku is rather stark, but brilliant in its presentation. Because it is generally written IN Japanese, the translation into English doesn’t always play well. So, I use Haiku’s structure as a framework for expression. Once in awhile I end up crafting something worthy of being called “True Haiku”

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  1. Wonderful review Robbie.. I am always in awe of how much can be said in such a few words, of those who are expert at Haiku, to have them with photos too, I am sure this book will be popular..
    Lovely to be back from my travels..
    wishing you a lovely peaceful Sunday xx

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