Exam stress – a poem


I awake sweating profusely

in the middle of the night,

My heart is beating wildly

I’ve had a horrible fright.


You may reflect and wonder

what could cause such anguish,

When my mind really should

in a peaceful place languish.


I dreamed I had an exam to write

my preparations for it

had been quite light,

I really felt I was not ready

and would not be able

to keep my mind and hand steady.


My full scholarship

I would clearly lose,

If by failing, my professors

belief in me I abuse.


I sit up in my bed

eyes wide with shock,

My mind gradually clears

and I can take stock.


My exams were all over

a number of years ago,

Realization of this dawns

Although its coming is slow.


My days of endless study

are long since over,

I lie back down in my bed

and gradually regain my composure.


by Robbie Cheadle


50 thoughts on “Exam stress – a poem

  1. You captured those run away train anxieties that wake us up in the week small hours exactly Robbie- though I have to admit mine were more often than not about work rather than exams! I wasn’t great at exams – I just cared a whole lot less in those days!

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  2. Applesauce! That sounds familiar. o_O Even after college I (now and then) would have a dream that I suddenly remembered being enrolled in a course… well I would be in several, but this one I had forgotten. I may have attended one or two classes, but many weeks into the term, I would suddenly remember it, panic that I had not been or done any work, then I couldn’t find where the class was held (or I’d just get lost trying to get there).
    LOL. Huge hugs.

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  3. Lovely poem, Robbie – I had similar experiences as a teacher – just worrying about the piles of papers I had to mark! I hated marking with a passion!

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