#Carrotranch flash fiction challenge – The clone


Charli Mill’s over at The Carrot Ranch, recently ran a fantastic Flash Fiction Rodeo. The various contests attracted a few entries by spammers, one of which has raised a bit of a laugh by Charli and the contest leader, Geoff le Pard. You can read Charli’s amusing post about this particular spam post here: https://carrotranch.com/2017/11/09/november-9-flash-fiction-challenge-2/.

Charli’s challenge this week was for us to write a piece of flash fiction, in exactly 99-words, on who the spammer, Nanjo Castille, might be in real life. Charli, I take my hat off to you on this superbly fun idea. Here is my piece:

The clone

It had sounded like such a good idea when her friend’s husband, an expert on human genetics, had suggested that she clone herself. A clone would be useful and could do all the social media and other marketing paraphernalia that was expected of her, as a writer, and which she currently didn’t have time for.

Little did she know that Nanjo Castille would soon become unsatisfied with playing a supporting role in her life. The clone’s ambitions soon became apparent when she entered her own short story into a flash fiction competition and was identified as a potential spammer.



57 thoughts on “#Carrotranch flash fiction challenge – The clone

  1. Scary like Frankenstein’s creation ” the creation then destroy’s the creator”.
    Like the way you used a clonen in your story, Robbie. Would definitely be helpful for writers like us if someone did the marketing and technical bit.☺

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