Guest author: Robbie Cheadle – Sir Chocolate and the Candy Dragon

Thank you, Sue, for sharing Michael and my Sir Chocolate Halloween story on your wonderful blog. We are thrilled!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

On the day before Halloween,

Sir Chocolate was really busy,

Making candy and chocolate treats,

So fast it would make you dizzy.


Edible spiders and caterpillars,

A set of shortbread fingers,

His gingerbread tombstones

with a spicy smell that lingers.


His warehouse was completely full

with every kind of treat and snack,

Jelly bones and bloodshot eyeballs,

All piled up high in a stack.


That night Sir Chocolate felt weary,

As into bed he did climb,

Only one more day to go,

Until trick or treating time.


The next day poor Sir Chocolate

was awakened by a shout,

His warehouse had been raided,

By some mean and thieving lout.


Sir Chocolate was devastated,

His hard work was all gone,

Except for one shiny bat wing,

That on the empty floor shone.


Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet

Searched from low to right up high,


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32 thoughts on “Guest author: Robbie Cheadle – Sir Chocolate and the Candy Dragon

      1. It was always my favorite day. Sadly where I am, I’m not able to enjoy it, handing out candy, or parties. Maybe one day there will be a relocation miracle. (After 5 years of trying everything I can to move, it would be a miracle.)
        So stay in the fun spirit — you’re doing it right! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Last year we did buy a pumpkin to carve. These pumpkins are different from our usual SA pumpkins. They boys enjoyed the carving process a lot so I am sure we will do it again if these pumpkin are available this year.


      1. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope to catch up more tomorrow here Robbie.. as I shut down now for the evening.. I am all WordPressed out after being here most of the afternoon.. Don’t get over doing things, and look after yourself.. And that lovely family of yours..
        Oh and by the way.. My Daughter flies out to Johannesburg tomorrow.. Then has another internal flight to take her to her destination, the name of which escapes me.. It will be her second visit to your country.. She loves it.. โค xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know the feeling, Sue. I am sometimes a bit WP’ed out by the end of the weekend even though I love reading posts. I hope your daughter has a wonderful time here in South Africa.


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