Sacha Black’s prompt in Wonderland

Sacha Black creates the most awe inspiring villains ever. If I were to use her ideas in my Sir Chocolate stories, Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet would never recover.


She runs a lovely weekly prompt and this week she has requested that we write about a character that is utterly terrified. The rule is that we write the prompt in exactly 52 words. As this is Wonderland, however, and the rules are made to be bent, stretched and/or generally ignored, my poem is a bit longer [evil laugh of the Queen of Hearts “All ways are my way in Wonderland]. You can join in Sacha’s fun here:

Internal conflict

As anxieties rise;

Reassurance he’ll seek;

He’s wary of lies;

Told glib and sleek.


I watch and see;

The struggle unfold;

He’s part of me;

It’s hard to behold.


His life is fear;

He’ll furtively wait;

What will appear;

To seal his fate.


His giver of life;

To her he turns;

To calm the strife;

That internally churns.


What takes place;

Inside his head;

Some thoughts, like lace;

Others molten lead.


Which will endure;

He must decide;

The other obscure;

And strongly override.

by Robbie Cheadle


Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series and Robbie Cheadle is the author of Silly Willy goes to Cape Town


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