Inspiration and two book reviews

What makes me tick?

 I have never really given much thought to what inspires me to write, create fondant art or do any of the other creative things that I like to do. If asked, I would have simply answered that an idea just pops into my mind and then I write down the words or fashion the figure from fondant. I recently saw a post that discussed what inspired writers and artists and I sat down and gave this question some deeper thought.

Some surprising things came out of this reflection. I realised that most of my stories and poems stem from a situation or circumstance that I have actually experienced. My books about Silly Willy are the result of my bumpy, but happy, parental path with my two, very different boys. Into these short stories I have woven many events and funny happenings that my friends have told me about with their children or that I have watched take place during social occasions. The fondant figures of Silly Willy and Cautious Craig are depictions of how I imagined these two characters would look. Willy, with his mop of unruly curls and naughty eyes is exactly how I would picture a naughty little boy like him. Cautious Craig with his straight fair hair and serious eyes is the epitome of my very sensible son, Gregory.


The Sir Chocolate books were inspired by my son, Michael’s, stories about a little man who lives in a world where you can eat everything, even the trees and the flowers. Michael and I often come up with an idea for a story through chatting about an event or doing something together. When we were in New Zealand last year for the Kids Literature Quiz that my older son was competing in, we went to a lovely ice-cream shop in Auckland. The shop sold a huge variety of different and interesting flavours of ice-cream and this inspired the rainbow ice-cream fairies that will feature in a forthcoming book: Sir Chocolate and the Rainbow Ice-cream Fairies story and cookbook.


Sometimes our ideas stem from a fondant creation. I went through a phase of a few weeks where I made dogs out of fondant. These little dogs gave us the idea for Turkish Delight and the sugar dog Story and Cookbook. Turkish Delight has come into the Sir Chocolate book series as Michael thinks that Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet need a son.


The idea for England in the 1940’s: Through the eyes of a child is a more-or-less non-fictional memoir of my Mother’s life growing up in Bungay, Suffolk during World War II and afterwards. This idea came to me when I started writing about my own childhood, growing up in South Africa during the 1980’s and 1990’s and it led me to think about how different my life and the lives are my sons are from that of my Mother and her siblings.

Living with a child that suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder inspired the idea for There’s no return to sender, a book about modern parenting, which is my in progress adult novel.

The more I write and create the more ideas seem to spring out at me from all over the place. The words of songs that I listen to on the way to work and back, the sight of a dewdrop glistening on a rose petal, the frost on the grass, all of these things result in ideas for poems and short stories.

I also get ideas for fondant art from friends and books. One of my friends recently sent me a video on how to build a house entirely out of chocolate. That video inspired Sir Chocolate’s new home made from mint, plain and whole nut chocolate with a Kit Kat roof.

new house

Two reviews

Judy Martin. who blogs over at Edwina’s Episodes, wrote two delightful, rhyming verse reviews for two of Michael and my Sir Chocolate Books. Thank you so much Judy. Such a novel idea to write a book review as a poem.

Sir Chocolate and the Strawberry Cream Berries Story and Cookbook

Sir Choc 1 Lulu_cover

Another adventure where we meet

Brave Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet

On a quest for a special bean

That gives the flavour of strawberries and cream.

It was a task that was extremely hard

As the berries were under constant guard

The rest of the story you must read yourself

This book is a welcome addition to any bookshelf!

Sir Chocolate and the Baby Cookie Monster story and cookbook

This gorgeous book is such a delight

that Robbie and Michael sat down to write

The recipes so clear and concise

Are going to taste extremely nice!

Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet

Are both adorable and so sweet

I recommend this book to you

If you like baking and reading too! 

You can read Judy’s lovely post here:

The new look smaller A5 version of this book will be available later this month:



Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series and Robbie Cheadle is the author of Silly Willy goes to Cape Town



82 thoughts on “Inspiration and two book reviews

  1. Oh my gosh… where to start here. Ice Cream Fairies! This speaks to my inner child, big time. Those fondant doggies are totally adorable! The reviews for your books, more than well deserved. AND the BIP based on your mom’s life, brings a tear. God Bless you, Robbie, for always inspiring me to keep moving forward and give my creativity, life! ❤

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  2. Wow!!! just love that cake and the chocolate house.. reading all of this Robbie and seeing all of the lovely creations you make my friend, How do you find time to write and have family time.. lol.. But I know the busier we are the more we seem to get done..
    You are an inspiration.. 🙂

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  3. I find it interesting where authors get ideas from. I loved hearing where you developed yours, Robbie.
    The rhyming reviews are adorable, and as always your fondant art creations are amazing!

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  4. Hi Robbie. It is very interesting to hear where your ideas come from for all your artistic baking, poems and stories. I am always amazed at just how intricate and beautiful your cake decorating is. The ideas for my stories and poems are also mostly based on childhood memories, stories that I remember my mom, dad and gran telling me about their youth, and, of course, my surroundings now.

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  5. Hi Robbie, it was lovely reading about the inspiration behind your creative impulses. I like learning about the person behind the author. I got a real sense of being welcomed as a friend and not just a reader. I found it very touching and thought the clever rhyming reviews the perfect accompaniment.

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    1. I am so pleased that you felt like that, Paul. I always remember that you wrote in a comment once the I was a part of your blogging community and I really appreciated that. I do feel like a know a lot of my blogger friends from their posts and books.


      1. Robbie I am sorry and I don’t know how to tell you this but you are not part of my blogging community any more. Or should I say just part of…. You have become a friend! Luv Px (Now don’t go and start getting sentimental on me woman… take it like a man!!!!)

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  6. Thank you for revealing some inspirational tips, dear Robbie! Let me add some more: the land & the nature around you has a great impact too. And a Sweet Spirit that certainly lives somewhere in your kitchen! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You’re are right that simple, little routine moments create great things! Have a nice Sweet week-end! 🙂

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  7. I enjoyed reading about where you got your inspiration from, Robbie. You are creative in so many ways, your writing ,your baking and fondant making and of course your poetry. I really admire your dedication to everything that you do 🙂
    It was fun writing the reviews in verse as I knew you would enjoy that!

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  8. WOW, every time I see your creations, that is the first word out of my mouth!
    I enjoy learning a little more about your inspiration, and enjoyed the poetry review!
    I can’t decide which of your creations highlighted here that I like the best. I think the little dogs are so adorable, but then so is the cake with all it’s little ice cream fairies and then there’s Silly Willy…oh, let’s just call it a tie and say I love all of them!
    Thank you for sharing them with us (and where do you ever find the time?!?!?!?!)

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      1. You are very welcome!
        My name is actually Robbie, but I go by RobbyeFaye for my blog (long story, but it avoids some confusion). I’ve not known another female Robbie, either.
        You are right, we do, it’s that way for me with reading. I haven’t this year due to a lot of circumstances beyond my control, but I normally read around 300 books a year.
        Two years without seeing a movie. Sounds a lot like me, though I did see one not too long ago. I don’t watch TV though.
        Have a great weekend!

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  9. This is the best, so much about your books, you boys, and your family. Yes, inspiration comes from real life, whether an important moment, or a reflection of the past. Thank you for this post, Robbie. I read it twice. 🙂

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    1. Hi Elizabeth, I have divided this book into three parts. How it effects our home, how it effects my work and how it effects holidays and high days. Parts of this book are very hard for me to write which is why it is going a bit slowly but I hope to finish it over the December shutdown period.


  10. What a great reflection of the sources of your inspiration! It’s wonderful that your creativity comes alive not only in your writing but also in the visual form of the characters. The book review and the poem are lovely!

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      1. You’re welcome! Autumn is still learning latching for the feeding. Some more learning for mom and baby to learn. I help off and on throughout the day whenever I’m needed. So I just squeeze a few minutes here and there to blog. I don’t worry about doing posts but try to stay in touch as much as possible!

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  11. Robbie I have always believed that everyone has a story and you have just clarified this for me.
    Congratulations on your book reviews, you must be so proud.
    Also, congrats on your up and coming adult novel, I look forward to reading that. I can imagine writing about something like PTSD which is so close to home must be difficult at times.
    You are one inspirational woman Robbie, and just reading this post has inspired me. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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  12. So much to read here, Robbie. I love the background on how you write. My two kids are so different also. I no longer try to compare them or say wrong-speak like “Your sister would…”

    Amazing book review for you. A poem! You are blessed.

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  13. I have some of the same experiences, Robbie. I’m not a no author but my short stories are the result of personal experiences flashes of something that happens or is seen. I’m glad you wrote this one. 🖖

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  14. Congratulations on the wonderful reviews Robbie. Your stories are inspiring and that you put them into fondant is amazing. I wonder if Shehanne’s missing dudes are still hiding in the chocolate house? They’ve lost the plot at Shey’s now. Lol 🙂 xx Happy weekend!

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  15. It’s fascinating that authors are not inspired or moved to write in exactly the same way. I’m thinking that the unique ways that we are inspired have something to do with our unique personalities and how we have viewed our life experiences. For me, the inspiration comes after I sit down at my keyboard and relax my mind. I write drama that takes place in a future time and on a distant planet, and I just think about that world and its characters and my mind transports me to a scene and I watch it play out – or it feels like that when I’m actually writing. While I write, I feel like I’m on that distant planet – not in my office writing about it.

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  16. It was really lovely to find out what inspires your stories and fondant art work, Robbie. You are a true artist. I love the original way you use to illustrate the stories. The reviews are wonderful and so clever. Judy has done a great job with her poems. So has Susan Scott. 🙂

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