#Poetry Challenge – Voice and Watch

Colleen gave us some great advice for our poetry writing this week. She gave us this:

Thank you, Colleen, I have attempted to do as you asked.

I watch sadly from the wings

As our world wrestles with pain

Blow after blow falls

While those charged with informing

Give voice to misleading facts

You can have a go at this by following this link to Colleen’s challenge: https://colleenchesebro.com/2017/09/12/colleens-weekly-poetry-challenge-no-50-haiku-tanka-haibun-voice-watch/

Happy Sunday everyone!

Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series and Robbie Cheadle is the author of Silly Willy goes to Cape Town

34 thoughts on “#Poetry Challenge – Voice and Watch

      1. Today will be tough as we pick up the pieces at work and move on. We have lost nine partners in our firm and two of them were my direct bosses (not through death, the story about KPMG SA was on Sky News and BBC). It has been a purging of note and the staff are like lost lambs.


  1. Beautiful Tanka poem, Robbie. Your words have rung clear for me. Our world is a mess and us Americans have a President who should shut up! There… I went out of my comfort zone too! LOL! Hugs to you my friend. It’s bad times for all of us. ❤

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  2. Great handling o this Robbie with a brilliant punchline ( I had a computer crash a few days ago and still sorting it out. though I like stuff it never seems to register, so If you don’t see my ticking your like box (like the cheese cake recipe) don’t think I’m being sniffy. If you do see I’ve liked then let me know because I cannot see that it has registered. And I have to log in every time I go into someone word press even though I;m logged in! GRRR! Thanks Paul)

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      1. HI Robbie Thank you for telling me about the likes. 1stly Smorgasbord and Chris went into junk yesterday about midnight last night. Today I am getting no notifications even in Junk! Zilch! 2ndly I have just signed into your blog… it makes me sign in every time to leave a comment.. and the two above ‘liked by you’ on your last 2 comment now work. I believed it was my firefox settings but if you had the same trouble might be something bigger like an ill conceived update- which means it will sort itself out and its not specifically a problem with my post crash! Thanks Px

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