#Carrotranch Flash fiction challenge – Berries and music

IMG_0207I love music. I play my favourite songs, usually on repeat and at a high volume, in the car. I sing lustily, oblivious to the curious stares of the passengers and drivers in surrounding vehicles. I have always been like this. Completely obsessed with one particular song for days on end. Playing the same track endlessly until I am so sick of it I can hardly bare to ever hear that song again. When I was a teenager I nearly drove my Father mad. I played Tracy Chapman endlessly. He still remarks on this behaviour today.

I never had the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument. I think I would have loved it. I decided to give [you can read that as force – smile] both my boys to play a musical instrument until they finish primary school. Gregory plays the piano beautifully and has just passed his Grade 5 theory examinations and is preparing for this Grade 5 practical piano examinations. Gregory is now in high school and has chosen to continue with his piano lessons. Michael plays the drums with great enthusiasm.

Charli’s challenge brought to mind the perseverance and determination that is required in order to master a musical instrument. With this in mind, here is my piece of flash fiction, in exactly 99-words, in response to the prompt words music and berries:

Can you hear the music

The small blonde boy sat at the piano, his little face white and pinched with determination. He ran his fingers lithely over the keys, the music flowing directly from his heart to his fingers. The audience sat and watched. Their faces agog with astonishment at this tiny child’s huge talent. One plump lady tapped her foot in time to the prolific flow of notes. Only one face showed anxiety and concern. His mother’s face was tightly drawn as she thought about his obsessiveness. Nothing could distract him from his playing this morning, not even his favourite berries with ice-cream.

You can join in the fun over at Carrot Ranch by clicking on this link: https://carrotranch.com/2017/08/11/august-10-flash-fiction-challenge-2/

Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series and Robbie Cheadle is the author of Silly Willy goes to Cape Town

51 thoughts on “#Carrotranch Flash fiction challenge – Berries and music

  1. It is as wonderful as you adorn your stories with your works of art. Fantastic!
    I think you’ve decided correct to bring your sons to an instrument, Robbie. Piano is a wonderful instrument. I had also learned piano for a few years. Then I played harpsichord, and now, unfortunately only laptop buttons. LOL
    Wish you all a great weekend. 😉 Michael

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    1. I am pleased to learn that I am not the only mad music lover who does this. My son, Greg, also bursts into song so I am not alone. He has been having voice training as part of his music studies. Michael, of course, thinks we are both nuts.

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      1. I have made some dolls out of fondant but not out of anything else. I am going to write a few post about my dolly collection (other than African) over the next few months. I have some really lovely antique pieces.


  2. I’m the same way with certain Owl City. I listen to him on repeat all the time! Lol… And I finally decided to learn a musical instrument as an adult. I chose to learn the piano and even though I’m still not that good (mainly because I don’t practice) I’ve really enjoyed the challenge. My daughter ended up teaching herself because of it and now she plays better than me! 😉

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    1. How lovely that you decided to learn an instrument as an adult. Piano does take a lot of practice. I know that from my son. I haven’t the time and prefer to spend my free time writing and baking so I haven’t gone down this path. Maybe sometime! Thank you for visiting.

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      1. Well I had always wanted to learn, but didn’t have the opportunity until I was an adult. I suppose it’s never too late to learn a new skill. I prefer like you to write, so that’s why I’m a lukewarm pianist. Lol… 😉

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  3. Just lovely to be able to play an instrument.. I played the recorder in school.. My dad bought me a guitar one Christmas, but it was really more for him than myself.. And it ended up getting broken before I really got to grips with it..
    By a series of synchronicities last year a Guitar fell into my hands.. And it had the numbers 333 engraved in it. So I started to learn, via the internet, books etc..
    I am still trying to master it.. And doubt I will ever be proficient at it.. But I am enjoying strumming and my finger tips are hardening to the strings..
    It is lovely that your boys are musical.. I feel they could easily pair up and create good music together .. :-D..
    I really enjoyed my catch up this evening.. Now to turn off the PC.. as I settle down with hubby for the evening..
    Love and Light my friend.. Enjoy your weekend all of you.. ❤ Sue xxxx

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      1. Thanks Robbie.. Just lots of other things within the family happening right now to get a post together.. But I am thinking about your for your forthcoming visit over here.. I hope the weather cheers up for you xx ❤

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    1. Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed this. Sadly, in Africa the schooling budgets often do not extend to art supplies and music. I occasionally run art classes at the Church Hall for the Sunday School children which are well attended.

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  4. Well done, Robbie. I’m so pleased you’ve decided to join in the fun at the ranch. You’ve done a great job with your flash. He sure is a determined little fellow to not stop even for berries and cream.

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  5. Robbie, I’m happy to meet a fellow favorite-track-repeater! Funny that your Dad survived Tracy Chapman. It’s good to be able to give our children such musical opportunities. I like your flash and how the Mom is the person in the audience feeling the anxiety while her son plays. Great use of the prompts!

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