Sir Chocolate gets a new house

Sir Chocolate has been a bit tired of his current gingerbread house for a while now.


He felt that he needed a change so when Glitter Shimmerling offered to buy his home, Lady Sweet, Turkish Delight and he started looking for somewhere new to live. They looked a number of lovely houses …

… but none of them really appealed to the Chocolate family.

Then Glitter Shimmerling had an idea!


She suggested that Sir Chocolate build his own house and here it is…


A house made entirely out of chocolate … what a great idea!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I make a cake or confectionary delight three times a year to raffle in aid of KPMG Deal Advisory’s Gift of Sight charity. This lovely house of chocolate will be the prize in our raffle and charity event taking place on Tuesday, 1 August.

Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series and Robbie Cheadle is the author of Silly Willy goes to Cape Town



81 thoughts on “Sir Chocolate gets a new house

  1. Oh Wow.. What a super new house. And each brick just as delicious as the next.. So love all of the houses viewed on Sale dear Robbie.. I think that Sir Chocolate did a most fantastic job of building his new home.
    And I am sure it will raise Lots of funds too for that most deserving Charity Robbie.. Just Scrummy.. 🙂
    (( And I have a passion once I start eating chocolate.. I find it hard to stop )) So any time you want the demolition Squad in for it to be taken down brick by brick.. A Dreamwalker is putting in her submission of tender to see if she gets the Job .. 😂🤣😅😆☺😍😋😘

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    1. Haha, Sue, it is a pity you live so far away or I would deliver a house to you straight away. I think this house is going to be a hit and we usually do really well out of the raffle. Danny, the main recipient of the charity, has improved so much with glasses and treatment that it is an absolute pleasure to see him.

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      1. That is wonderful news to hear Robbie.. It must be lovely to see the efforts of raising monies for charity and seeing their results.. A wonderful thing you do. As you can see I think it WONDERFUL what you do … lol..


  2. Not only yummy but a masterpiece Robbie! Sir Chocolate has certainly upscaled but they say, position, position, position with property and I think he has outdone himself! I think Glittery Shimmering waved a chocolate wand to help find this house!!

    Donation to your fund fir Danny on its way!!

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