A Literary A-Z : A

Pete Beetley is hosting the blog post series of my dreams …. all about books and literature. Head on over and read his literary A to Z.


Thanks to a suggestion from Robbie, writer and cake-maker extraordinaire, I am embarking on a new A-Z. This time, it is about books and authors. You can use the title of any book, fiction or non-fiction, or the surname of any author, as long as it begins with ‘A’. For readers who do not have English as a first language, feel free to include foreign titles. Hopefully, we will all discover lots more about literature, and find many new books and authors to investigate. Before you play along, please check out Robbie’s excellent blog. https://robbiesinspiration.wordpress.com/

I am starting with one of the greatest anti-war books ever written. The powerful novel about the First World War by Eric Maria Remarque, ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’, published in 1929. This tells the story of excited young soldiers from their time at school, through to their harsh military training, and eventual involvement…

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14 thoughts on “A Literary A-Z : A

      1. I forgot to check on Count Prickula and those hamsters, Shay. I have spotted your cheeky smile on Vinnie’s saucy blog though. Hmm, are you a naughty vixen, I wonder?
        Take care honey, it’s nice to see you. xx

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      2. These hamstahs were shockingly badly behaved to Robbie’s fondant creations the other day. I hope they are going to behave for my next guest. Of course I am the naughty vixen. take care too. Great book choice by the way. x

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