When Glittering Shimmerling met the dudes. Conflict in writing.

The Hamstah Dudes have joined the fun and given an account of their visit to robbiesinspiration to meet Glitter Shimmerling. They have survived the experienced and come back unscathed barring a few extra pounds!

shehanne moore


Glitter Shimmerling meets the Hamstah Dudes by Robbie Cheadle.

Fairy Glitter Shimmerling,

had a “Bake and Write” blog,

the maintenance of which,

was a fun andexciting job.


Onher blog she taught,

others how to bake,

her cakes were delicious,

make no mistake.


For each and every post,

she attempted a new creation,

her rose covered chocolate cake,

created quite a sensation.


IMG_2494One afternoon the Hamstahs,

came over to play,

they liked it so much,

they decided to stay.


The Hamstahs and Glitter,

became very good chums,

you could tell they were enjoying it,

from the trail of crumbs………………………………………………….



There were a few mishaps,

Sir Chocolate was nearly eaten,

The perpetrator was caught in time,

and his naughty urge beaten.



The blog’s protective cats,

were out for the day,

when they heard the news,

They rushed back without delay.


The kittens investigated,

with great…

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