Why read the book if you can watch the movie?

Michael and I are guests over at Jennifer Alderson’s blog today. We are discussing the topic of Why read the book if you can watch the movie. You can read the article here: http://jennifersalderson.com/2017/07/14/why-read-the-book-if-you-can-watch-the-movie-by-robbie-cheadle/




26 thoughts on “Why read the book if you can watch the movie?

  1. Hi Robbie. Since Senior Primary school, my son’s English teacher’s always showed the kids the movie of a set book, if available, before reading the book with them. I think this is true of many schools, especially High Schools. Surely it would be better to show them the movie after the book has been read. Great post, as always! x

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    1. Thank you, Kim, and I agree with you. When my son, Greg, participated in the kids literature quiz last year I was really surprised to learn that some of the early participants had prepared by watching the movies of books. The books have so much more detail and you use your imagination much more.

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  2. Nah…it’s not the same. The book captures a lot more and often, movies disappoint.but there are exceptions like LOTR where I find it hard to get through the book but thoroughly loved the movie! With Harry Potter, I find the movie complemented the books. Otherwise, most times not quite!

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