All Stories Must Come to an End, or Do They?

A lovely poem by Sumyanna about the power the books and the written word.

Sumyanna Writes


As all stories do,

they must come to an end

there is a finish, you see –

and you wait for it

just as you turn that last page

or when you start to read

that last chapter

but often, even the author

does not understand its meaning.

When he fills the page in glorious detail

even he, is witness to the curious tale.

Once written, it cannot be erased

and hopefully, it will not be forgotten

for someone somewhere has been touched

by the very lines that have been written

and perhaps, just a little

the writer’s heart has been smitten too.

To think that it were the end of the story

that when you close a book

there is a certain death

is not to know the curious power of a word.

You may think – it is absurd,

but it’s true.

Every word is a seed,


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