The hospital – a poem


Oh, how I hate the hospital,

What a dreary and austere place,

I hate it more and more,

Each time it raises its clinically sterile face.


The white noise is just awful,

Children, crying through the night,

It’s meant to do the opposite,

But it sucks out all the hope and light.


It hurts to see his dear, little face,

On the pillow, clean and white,

The fact their colours match,

Makes it a really horrible sight.


Oh, how I hate the hospital,

The nurses looking weary and drained,

Children with arm drips neatly bandaged,

Their faces puffy and tear stained.


If I had to describe the hospital,

I would call it a modern version of Hell,

Just being in this cesspit of illness,

Is enough to make me feel unwell.

by Robbie Cheadle

Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series and Robbie Cheadle is the author of Silly Willy goes to Cape Town (coming soon)







70 thoughts on “The hospital – a poem

  1. Hi Robbie. Great images and rhyming. Which one of your boys is in hospital? I am sure they will make a full recovery and be home with you soon. The 8 nights Henry stayed in hospital after he had his one and only epileptic seizure when he was 11, were the worse days/nights of my life. You are so right, hospitals are so white and clinical and utterly sterile. Thinking about you and your son. xx

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    1. Thank you, Kim. Michael was admitted and is an out patient still having an intravenous antibiotic. He is doing much better today. Thank goodness you only had one such experience. I have had so many I feel as if my life is permanently linked to a hospital.

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  2. A very sad poem indeed. I know staff try their best but it is difficult. When my father became unwell it gave me a different perspective as he was an inpatient in the same hospital where I studied Medicine… I hope he keeps getting better.

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  3. Dear Robbie I hope you don’t think I am being glib when I say that is a poem only a mother could write… I know dads love their kids to death too, but that special bond between amother and her child comes through in every line. I knew you mentioned Michael was ill but I had no idea just how serious he was. I am glad he is improving and I sent all my good thoughts & wishes to you and yours at this stressful time! Love to you all

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      1. This cake has quite a funny story, Paul. I made it for my nephew’s fourth birthday and when he saw it a very funny looked passed across his face but he didn’t say anything. When we cut the cake I asked Ben if he wanted a piece and he said “It looks lovely, Auntie Robbie, but I don’t want to eat sand!” So funny!


  4. So sorry to hear that Michael has had a hospital stay. I hope he is healing from when you posted this Robbie.. It is awful when our children find themselves in there.. I know how I felt when my daughter was just 18 months old and got rushed into hospital.. So my heart is with you and your family.. ❤ Love and Hugs my friend xxx ❤

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