Thursday Photo prompt – Knock #writephoto

The boys peeked out of the upstairs window. They watched their teacher make her way up the path towards the front door. They saw her hesitate and look at the knocker, mystified. She reached out and lifted the ring of the knocker. A spray of water shot out of the gargoyle’s mouth and hit her right between the eyes. She jumped back in shock, turned and marched back down the path. Her ridged back indicated that the boys would be in for it at school tomorrow. They didn’t see this though. They were rolling around the floor of the upstairs bedroom, howling with laughter.

This piece of flash fiction was written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Come on …. join the fun here:

Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series and Robbie Cheadle is the author of Silly Willy goes to Cape Town (coming soon)


46 thoughts on “Thursday Photo prompt – Knock #writephoto

  1. Not a true story then, Robbie? I once added sugar to my Grandmother’s sugar bowl, knowing that she took sugar in her tea. The problem was, that the next morning, I sprinkled what I thought was sugar on my cornflakes. I couldn’t say anything, but I’m sure I saw her laughing while she washed up the dishes. I love how we all tell such different stories from one photo.

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    1. This one is not based on truth, Hugh. I made it up. Sounds like you had a naughty streak in you though. I once convinced a friend to go into the staff room after school and help me eat all of the sugar. We got caught and, needless to say, it did not bode well for my Friday afternoon’s freedom.

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      1. Excuse my silly mistake in that previous comment, Robbie. I have sugar on the brain. 🙄 I should have said “…I once added salt to my Grandmother’s sugar bowl…” Right, I’m off for a bar of chocolate now. 🙃

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