My husband is a fantastic fox – a tribute

Have you ever read the book, Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl? If you haven’t, I strongly recommend it. If you have then you will know that Mr Fox is a really amazing fox not to mention really “foxy” looking. My husband and Mr Fox share a large number of  wonderful characteristics. They are both very clever, hard working, innovative and good leaders. They both put the well being of their families above everything else and are also very happy to extend their generosity to friends. They are very similar, right down to the fact that in the story Mr Fox looses his beautiful bushy tail. My husband, over the last twenty years, has also lost a significant amount of his “fur” and so could be considered to be tailless in the world of foxes.

I wrote this haiku as a tribute to Terence (and Mr Fox):



I also made a fondant replica of Terence. I showed it to Michael (aka mini-T aka Silly Willy) and he said “Mom, that is not kind”. I showed it to Gregory (aka mini-me aka Cautious Craig) and he said “Mom, that is not nice”.

In my defence, Terence knew what I was like before we got married. I have always had a quirky sense of humour. If you don’t believe me, I wanted the song It’s The End Of The World by R.E.M. as our wedding song. Tee hee, I thought it was a brilliant choice. Terence, however, did not share my enthusiasm and put his foot down firmly. He does that sometimes. He did it over the cats, “No cats,” he said firmly. Have you met our two cats Pushy and Smudgy, they are very sweet (giggle).

In conclusion, I told my boys that we are very blessed to have such a great and “foxy” man in our lives. A tailless fox with a bit of silvery fur is a great catch. If you don’t believe me, ask Roald Dahl. He convince you in his wonderful tale.

My final word, on Terence and my relationship is epitomised in this wonderful song by Jennifer Rush:


Happy birthday, dear Terence, may you have many, many more!

Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series



66 thoughts on “My husband is a fantastic fox – a tribute

  1. A bit late, but happy birthday to Terence. I love the tribute, the figurine, and the comparison. (I haven’t read the book although enjoyed the movie very much). Now I’m curious… which song did they play at your wedding then? (I’ve heard of people who get the Muppets, ‘Mana, mana’ played, so…). 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Olga. Fantastic Mr Fox is my second favourite Roald Dahl (The Witches is my favourite). I have not heard of people playing the Muppets song at a wedding but that sounds like great fun. I think just about anything goes these days – people have Alice in Wonderland and Dr Seuss themed weddings.


  2. It’s really wonderful that you and your husband have such a close relationship. Congratulations to you both. I read all the Roald Dahl books to Bradley and Henry when they were little and they reread them all when they were older. They loved ‘The Twits’ and ‘The Giraffe the Pelly and Me’, most of all I think. My favourite is Mathilda.

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  3. This post really tickled me, Robbie. Your sense of humor is wonderful. “No cats.” “Have you met our cats?” After watching the news all day, this was a welcomed relief! And I do think the second song would have been a better choice for your wedding but, hey, I get you 😊 Lovely and Haiku and tribute ♥

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  4. What a beautiful tribute to your hubby Robbie.. and loved the little fondant figures 🙂 Very nice.. even though some said not so nice.. LOL.. I read the book you speak of many years ago now.. And I have forgotten most of the story.. Your haiku I enjoyed, its wonderful to have someone who puts family first … I hope your husband had a good Birthday, and you are well..

    I am now back from my Scotland trip, and there was a mountain of gardening to catch up on along with more weeds that just keep on growing .
    Yesterday I finally got around to our house gardens front and back and planted the Summer annuals and some more perennials in as we have altered the boarders at the back of our home..
    The temps are very high here this week.. We are not used to the heat. So I am taking 5 mins after lunch to just cool down and catch up on my friends..
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend when it arrives..
    Love and Hugs..
    Sue ❤ ❤ xxx

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    1. So lovely to read your comment, Sue. I missed you while you were away. I hope you had a lovely time in Scotland. I am sure you will get on top of your garden quickly and I look forward to reading more posts about your lovely flowers, fruit and vegetables.

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      1. Thank you Robbie.. So nice to be back within my WP family.. for that is how you feel to me. 🙂 And we are almost on top of it all now.. To relax this Bank Holiday weekend with our feet up in the garden 😉 And I am sure a post will be soon arriving on what is happening in the allotments shortly xx 🙂 lol

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