Castle defence and an invitation – a short rhyming verse story

The Hamstah Dudes from Sheyanne Moore’s amazing blog love my cakes. They would like to come over for a visit and eat all my cakes! You can read about this here:

Mike and I have written the following story in response to Shey’s fantastic post.

Castle defence and an invitation

The Wagonwheel Giant’s home,

Was leaking, dreary and old,

He decided he needed to move,

His ramshackle house was soon sold.


A big gingerbread castle,

Was what he required,

After seeing Sir Chocolate’s plans,

The giant felt quite inspired.


He needed a new home,

And a castle was ideal,

It would suite his reputation,

He really did feel.


Construction began,

Without much further ado,

The giant was thrilled,

To have a home all new.


The castle was magnificent,

It had turrets and towers,

And a beautiful yard,

Where Mrs Giant could plant flowers.


Then came some news,

The Hamstah Dudes wanted to visit,

They wanted to nibble the walls,

The message was quite explicit.


“What can I do?”

Said the giant in a spin,

Worrying about his walls,

Made him quite pale and thin.


The Baked Alaska Dragon,

Came rushing to his aid,

‘though he usually only defended,

a lovely and distressed maid.


He took up a position,

Just inside the moat,

He stayed on dry land,

As dragons do not float.


The Hamstah dudes were welcome,

For a visit and some tea,

But the walls of the castle,

The were requested to leave be.


Robbie and Michael Cheadle are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Book series





52 thoughts on “Castle defence and an invitation – a short rhyming verse story

  1. Robbie, wow, you are a woman of many talents! I’m soooo not going to do fondant art, etc, myself; but I love looking at it and am definitely going to tell my more ambitious friends about your site. I can think of one right now who is going to really get into this!

    Liked by 1 person

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