How to make simple Easter nests – includes how to temper chocolate


I made these simple Easter nest decorations for my Easter cake using only three ingredients. The ingredients I used are pretzel sticks, plain milk chocolate and candy coated Easter eggs.

The first step was to cut the pretzel sticks into quarters. I decided to use pretzel sticks because I like the combination of the sweet chocolate and the salty biscuits. I used approximately 1 cup (250ml) of cut pretzel sticks.

The second step was to melt and temper the chocolate. I took 1 cup (250ml) of milk chocolate discs and set 2/3rds of the chocolate discs to melt in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water. Once the chocolate had melted completely, I removed the pot from the heat and added the remaining 1/3rd of the chocolate discs. These I allowed to melt slowly in the hot chocolate. I stirred the mixture every now and then while the discs where melting. This is a very simple method of tempering chocolate which does not involve the use of a thermometer. When the discs were completely melted, the chocolate looked lovely and shiny. This lovely shiny look indicated that the chocolate was at the right temperature to use for moulding. I added the cut pretzel sticks to the chocolate and mixed until the cut pretzel sticks were completely coated with chocolate.

I spooned the chocolate/pretzel stick mixture into prepared cupcake pans. Using a spoon, I formed the mixture into a nest shape. I then stuck two Easter eggs into each nest and placed the pans in the refrigerator to set completely.


Why you need to temper chocolate

You need to temper chocolate to prevent the cocoa fat separating out of the chocolate resulting in chocolate of a waxy texture and dull colour. When chocolate gets a whitish coating that looks like mould it is because it has not been properly tempered.

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32 thoughts on “How to make simple Easter nests – includes how to temper chocolate

  1. We smiled at your opening sentence, “…these simple Easter nest decorations…”. You make it look so simple but we’re gonna have to send you a pic of how ours turn out, lol. You’ll have to promise though not to laugh…. tooo hard, lol. You are so talented.

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  2. These look lovely, Robbie – easy to make and delicious to boot! Salted caramel is popular here now, so I guess the salty pretzel give that delicious buzz to the chocolate too. I hadn’t heard of tempering chocolate before, so thanks for the explanation. I usually melt my chocolate in the microwave.

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    1. Hi Norah, the salty pretzel mixed with chocolate idea was based on the salted caramel mixture so you are very right to have picked up on that. Melting chocolate in the microwave does work provided you use a reduced power setting. You can still use the tempering method of adding additional chocolate to reduce the temperature and make it easier to mould.

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  3. I love choc. covered pretzels, Robbie, but it never occurred to me to make my own! You can tell I’ve never been much of a dessert or candy cook by my questions, but if I don’t ask I’ll never know.

    1-Do you have to use the discs or can you simply melt a giant Hershey bar or two?

    2-Have you ever thought about leaving the pretzels whole and making a bigger basket for a centerpiece? Maybe filled with a choc. Easter Egg for each person at the table? Or do you think it would only hold if it stayed tiny?
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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    1. Hi Madelyn, thanks for your questions. I love them as they make me think. You can definitely use a giant Hersey bar or any other chocolate bar, my only caution with Hersey bars is that, if I recall correctly, they are very soft and melt easily. So if you use them they might start to melt if it is a warm day. The discs do solidify well but I also use Cadbury milk chocolate bars sometimes (don’t know if you get that in the States). You could definitely make a giant nest. You could use a bowl to make it in and I think it would work really well. Great idea – I may try it out for you. BTW, pretzels also go really well with gingerbread. I sometimes use them for the roofs.

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      1. Yes – we get Cadbury here – but Hersheys is everywhere, made in Pennsylvania and all.

        Since I’ve gone gluten free, gingerbread is off my list until I can find an EASY GF recipe I like (that doesn’t force me to stock a bunch of ingredients nobody has ever heard of -lol).

        In any case, years ago I made giant gingerbread men for Christmas presents and swore I’d *never* do it again. I was up allllll nite! Waaaaaaay to much time and attention for a cookie that was gone in an instant!

        You have much more patience with this kind of thing than I do – but the nests look really doable.

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