Sir Chocolate saves Easter – a rhyming verse story

The Easter Bunny was in quite a state;

His Easter deliveries were going to be late;

His chocolate making machine wouldn’t start;

The mechanic said he needed a spare part.


He said off to visit Sir Chocolate, his good friend;

And see if some ideas or help he could extend;

No eggs at Easter would make the children sad;

And think that they had done something bad.


Sir Chocolate and the Easter Bunny

 Sir Chocolate made the Bunny some sweet tea;

It was quite an unusual problem, he did agree;

No ideas came out of their relaxed friendly talk;

So the friends decided to go for a short walk.


While walking they passed the hot chocolate pond;

They saw movement behind a Mint Willow frond;

Swimming on the pond was Daddy Chocolate Duck;

He might be able to help if they were in luck.


Daddy Duck and his family

His family laid chocolate eggs, milk or white;

The duck’s nests were a most unusual sight;

Each duck laid at least two big eggs a day;

And the extras were packed up into a tray.


Each day, Daddy Duck took them to market to sell;

They were popular, the Duck Family’s stall did well;

They would make a perfect Easter egg present;

The change would be well received and pleasant.


Two chocolate eggs in a nest

 The only problem is the eggs were quite plain;

And of his eggs presentation the Bunny was vain;

Sir Chocolate had another bright thought;

And the teacher of the village school he sought.


The children might enjoy to spend a day;

Painting the eggs which is a great way to play;

When Sir Chocolate told the children his idea;

The loved the thought and gave a great cheer.


In particular, the Roundy twins, Yum and Tum;

And Sylvia Honeylegs, their very good chum;

Had ideas to make the eggs look really pretty;

To waste this opportunity would be a pity.


Yum and Tum and Sylvia Honeylegs

Daddy Duck was agreeable to help the pair;

No eggs at Easter would be most unfair;

The Duck Family started laying at a great pace;

Who could lay the most became a family race.


By the end of the week, the eggs lay in a heap;

The ducks were exhausted and needed some sleep;

Sir Chocolate took the eggs to the town hall;

The children decorated them and had a ball.


Yum and Tum painted the most beautiful creations;

Walking round the town painting different locations;

Some eggs were covered in the most beautiful flowers;

Others pictured rain and the sweet Spring showers.

Eggs painted by the children 

Sylvia Honeylegs also had a lovely thought;

And painted her eggs with pictures of sport;

Designs of the children playing in the local park;

Games like soccer and cricket until it got dark.


The children helped the eggs into a basket pack;

So the Easter Bunny could carry them on his back;

On Sunday early he set off his deliveries to make;

And was back in time for tea and delicious cake.


The painted Easter eggs were a great success;

The happy children were all very impressed;

Sir Chocolate and the bunny were really glad;

They have definitely started a brand new fad.

The End

by Robbie and Michael Cheadle

Robbie and Michael Cheadle are co-authors of the Sir Chocolate Series of books.



Facebook: @SirChocolateBooks




















59 thoughts on “Sir Chocolate saves Easter – a rhyming verse story

  1. Robbie, this poem was fantastic.. Not only was your poem a wonderful story.. But your chocolate family had me salivating lol
    And I so loved how they were decorated..

    The children also made a fantastic job with their decorating too and I was greatly impressed..

    Easter is getting closer.. and this was so much fun to read Robbie..

    Love and Hugs xxx ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. But a pleasant one.. I made chocolate Brownies today with walnuts.. And indulged with some pouring cream for a desert for dinner this evening lol.. Naughty but nice, as the amount of calories per portion will be high lol.. But I got the thumbs up from hubby… ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Robbie,

    A truly marvellous and spirited tale, delightfully inked with colour, good humour and great skill. Both a delight to read and a lot of fun, you have a lot of talent Robbie, and a very gentle and caring nature. The photographs added character and solidity to the images you create with words. Perfect for Easter (and mmmm perfect for any other time of the year if chocolate is involved!)

    Thank you for a charming poem. Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.

    Take care in all ways for always and always.

    Namaste 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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