The hidden peril – a poem


The heat collects in the valley,

It hits you like a physical force.

It leaches moisture from your body,

Without any guilt or remorse.


The air that you breathe,

Feels almost sludgy and thick.

Just like sticky corn syrup,

To your lungs it does stick.


The nights are long and restless,

As you sweat into your pillow.

You think longingly of cool breezes,

That make the curtains billow.


Each day the sun beats down,

It really gives of its best.

To evaporate the pool’s water,

And roast each careless guest.


Children paddle in the shallows,

Noses peeling and bright red.

Not covered up and protected,

Instead all clothing is shed.


People awaken to the danger,

Many, many years too late.

You can’t turn back the clock,

When you have tempted fate.

by Robbie Cheadle

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29 thoughts on “The hidden peril – a poem

  1. I identify very strongly with your poem. Being a redhead and having very fair skin, I suffered a lot of sun damage in my long days at the beach or outdoors as a child. Little was known of the perils back then and many of us are suffering from that ignorance now.

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    1. I know, Norah. I have very fair skin and blonde hair so I also burn so easily. I spent my whole childhood with a peeling nose and have had to have treatment for pre-cancer cells on my nose and face twice already. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

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      1. Yes indeed. Sadly, melanoma is one of the biggest killers here in Queensland. It took an aunt and uncle and a brother-in-law; and most of my siblings have had treatment for various forms of skin cancer. When I had plastic surgery on my nose, I hoped it would make be beautiful. It only removed the BCC! 🙂

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  2. I appreciated your poem because I’ve lived it and learned too late the eventual payment that roasting my son exacts. Your blog looks varied and interesting. I’ll visit again.


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