Thursday photo prompt – Horizon #writephoto

The following extract from Silly Willy goes to Cape Town is for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. You can join in the fun at this link

I woke up quite late the next morning on our first day in Cape Town. Willy was already up and was sitting watching cartoons on the television. Mom and Nana were making breakfast. My favourite, smiley face French toast. Mom makes the eyes and the smiley mouth with blobs of tomato sauce and the hair with cheese. Dad was standing on the balcony looking at the ships out at sea. I went and stood next to him. The ships were like tiny toy boats on the big, dark ocean. I could see a dark blue line where the sky met the sea. Dad said that this was called the horizon. I could see some surfers out near the horizon. I thought they were very brave to go out that far in the sea – much further than the waves.

After a while I went back inside. I sat down on the last seat on the long couch in the television room. It was long and white and bent to go around the corner. As I was sitting there reading, I felt a little lever at the side of the couch. When I pulled the lever the bottom of the chair flipped up and out. Ah, so comfortable. Next thing, Willy jumped on me because he wanted to sit in the comfy chair and we started wrestling to tip each other off the couch. Dad came rushing in and made us both get off the chair and pushed the bottom back in. It was so unfair, Willy spoils everything.


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27 thoughts on “Thursday photo prompt – Horizon #writephoto

  1. As the oldest of five, I often chaffed when ALL of us were, effectively, punished for the actions of the younger ones. Never understood why parents didn’t set boundaries around the trouble-makers that did not affect the older kids who were merely at the effect of their behavior. SURELY they cannot claim they do not know who started what.

    After all, they are simply rewarding the naughty behavior as they reinforce thinking along the lines of “if I can’t then I’ll set it up so nobody is able to.”

    Still bothers me today – – over 40 years later – when I see it or read about it, even in lovely fictional accounts like this one!! (hmmm – wonder how many of the party in charge here in America were younger children?)
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    1. Ah, Madelyn, as the oldest of four girls, I hear you loud and clear. I usually take the trouble to sort out the issue and punish appropriately. My husband, however, is a youngest child. He is not so good at bothering to find out the “what happened” and is more into a unilateral punishment approach. I notice they do this at my older son’s school – a group punishment because the master is [to lazy] unable to determine who the wrong doers are – drives me crazy!

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