Thursday Photo Prompt – bridge #writephoto

This poem was written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. You can take part in the fun by following this link


The boys under the bridge

In the prayer position;

He crouches on the ground;

His dire need obvious;

Without his uttering a sound.


At this traffic light he begs;

Whether it’s shine or rain;

Hair prematurely greying;

Eyes darkened with pain.


Where does he come from?

This homeless youth;

What hapless encounter

caused the loss of a tooth?


He is one of a number;

That spend their lives this way;

Sheltering under the bridge;

At the end of each day.


Wrapped up in blankets;

Amongst the litter and the dirt;

With life-threatening illness;

Each day they must flirt.


No hope and no prospects;

It rents at your heart;

Will their poverty and ignorance;

Always keep them apart?

by Robbie Cheadle


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14 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Prompt – bridge #writephoto

    1. Unfortunately, we see so much of poverty like this in South Africa. When I saw your post I thought of the boy who features in this poem. I used to give him tinned food when I saw him but sadly he has disappeared and been replaced by another needy soul.


      1. It is seldom the children here…though sadly there are still many who slip through the net, but no-one should be forced into such straits. The world is rich enough to ensure it need not happen.

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