Thursday photo prompt – Tryst #writephoto

This post was written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. You can join in by following this link: silhouetted against a dawn sky

“Ours was a forbidden love”, I said. “We used to have secret trysts in the summer house overlooking the lake.” “I remember how beautiful it was. The sun setting behind the hill, colouring the dusk sky a variety of pinks touched with gold.” I reflected a moment, my gaze turned inwards. “I remember your Granddad, striding across the darkening lawn, tall and strong.” I smiled slightly at the memory. “It was my friend, Belinda, who used to pass on our notes. Mine, hand written in my neatest cursive on heavy cream paper, embossed with my initials. I used to press my favourite golden roses and tuck them in between the pages. They had a lovely scent …. it used to linger and faintly permeate the pages with its sweet fragrance.”

“Nana!”, Sarah’s indignant voice shattered my pleasant daydream. “I need to finish this interview and write it up for school tomorrow. How did you meet Granddad?”

“Well,” I said, “Your Granddad and I are both chartered accountants, so it is not a very exciting tale”, I smiled inwardly, remembering my sweet fantasy, “but, as I am a bit of a free spirit in an accountant’s clothing, our story does have a small interest factor. I met your Granddad on my first audit when I started my apprenticeship. I was a bit older than the rest of the first year clerks as I had worked for three years before starting my degree at university. I needed to earn enough money to pay for my studies and I didn’t want to start my apprenticeship with a huge study loan. Articled clerks don’t get paid a lot so it would have been a struggle to pay a study loan back in those early years. Your Granddad and I were exactly the same then as we are now. Granddad didn’t speak much, except when he had something to say and I was very good at chatting and keeping a conversation going. Despite his lack of words, your Granddad had a lovely, sweet smile and he was very clever. He was already know as the king of consolidations* way back then. As I said before, I was a bit older than the other clerks and had worked before, so I was more confident and mature than my peer group. I was also a person who was always willing to help someone in need. The audit team used to all have lunch together in the dining room at the client. One lunch time your Granddad stated unexpected that he didn’t have a partner for a twenty first birthday party that he was going to that weekend. All his friends were taking partners so he was a bit unsure about going alone. Naturally, I volunteered to go with him to the event.” I giggled at the memory of my now husband’s surprised face when I offered to accompany him to that twenty first birthday party.

“Granddad decided that it was a good idea for us to go to the party together and that is what happened. It was a lovely evening and I got on well with the other people in Granddad’s group of friends, despite my wild solo dance on the tables at 2am. One of your Granddad’s friends made it easy for him by inviting me to a Jacuzzi party he was hosting the following weekend. Granddad and I went to that together and had a great evening. And that”, I said to Sarah, “is how Granddad and I started dating. I think it might have taken much longer for us to officially become a couple if your Granddad hadn’t felt a bit threatened by the interest of some other chaps at the office. This spurred him on to acting out of character and asking me for a follow up date much quicker than he might have otherwise. I continued to do the audit for the client we met at for the next two years. I didn’t have a cell phone back then and Granddad used to phone me on the landline. The staff at the client loved this and used to say that it was the Ghost of Auditors Past that was calling.”

I smiled, maybe the actual tale wasn’t so uninteresting after all and my secret tryst fantasy wasn’t really the better story.

* a consolidation is a technical terms used in accounting for the aggregation of the financial statements by a parent company.

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