My review of Notes from a small dog: Four Legs on Two by Sue Vincent


What Goodreads says:

He asked me what it is with balls…why I love them so much. I had a think about that. It is ’cause they fly. Like birds. I’m supposed to chase birds. I’m a bird-dog. ‘Course, she won’t really let me. It doesn’t stop me barking at ’em and seeing ’em off from my garden. But it isn’t the same. Somewhere, deep inside, I know what I am supposed to do, what I am supposed to be. But I can’t be that for some reason… things aren’t quite set up right for me to chase birds all day and bring them back to her. On the other hand, that’s who I am…and you can’t be anything else than that… so the balls let me be myself in a world where I can’t catch birds all day. She says that’s not unusual… She seems to think that we all know who we really are, deep down, and that we spend all our time trying to find a way to be that in a world that doesn’t quite seem to fit. We either find other stuff to express it…like balls…. Or we try and be what others think we should be… But you can’t be a terrier if you are a retriever, can you? A bit like asking a fish to climb trees. It can be done, but it isn’t easy!” Ani, a very familiar spirit, was named for one of the ancient gods. It should, I suppose, have been no surprise when she took over the keyboard and began to write. A year later she had me collect her writings into a single volume at the insistence of her fans… who have been taken by her playful love of life and her odd wisdom…largely because she is saving for an automatic tennis ball launcher. The book is a collection of Ani’s periodic posts, Notes from a Small Dog, on, with some other pieces she has asked me to include. She even lets me write occasionally… By this time you may, of course, think I am barking mad myself… you may have a point… but I stand with Orhan Pamuk, “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.

My review:

Where to start with a review of Notes from a Small Dog: Four Legs on Two by Sue Vincent? I loved this books so much and so did Michael. It became a bit of a contentious book between Mike and I as I sneakily read ahead and Michael realised that I wasn’t starting where I had finished reading to him and made me go back. He was very determined not to miss a single word. I love this type of story, told mainly through the eyes of a small and very cute dog called Ani. Sue depicts day to day life in such a humorous and fun filled way and I found it a wonderful way to end each stress filled day to sit down and read a few chapters of Ani’s antics to Michael [and to myself of course thereby sparking Mike’s intense displeasure as mentioned above]. Sue writes beautiful descriptions of the natural environment where she lives and her depictions of some of Ani’s learning experiences are very funny. I can just picture the surprise of a small dog taking a flying leap into a pond that has frozen overnight. Sue describes Ani’s anxiety and attention when she is ill and her concern and caring when Ani is ill. This book is altogether completely delightful and tells a beautiful story of the special relationship that can develop between man and his best friend. There are also a few of Sue’s humorous and clever Ani poems thrown in for good measure. This genre of book is just up my street and I rated this book five out of five on Goodreads. I have ordered the next book in the series and am anxiously waiting for Amazon to deliver it.

Reviews on Goodreads:

KL Caley rated this book five stars out of five on Amazon and said:

This book came to my attention after discovering the writer contributed to a regular blog, Daily Echo (, I had been lucky enough to read some of the excerpts and when I discovered these tales (no pun intended) had become a book I had to buy it.
Sue Vincents writing is beautiful and the variety of work she creates is astounding. Ani instantly captures the minds (and hearts) of all those who read her stories. Ani’s interpretation of the world is hilarious (and true) and her journey from pup to pen-pusher is magical. An endearing collection that will brighten anyone’s day. Along with a fabulous collection that would make any heart melt.

 My only complaint is that I think my henry will now forever be known as the hoover monster! Lol. I can’t wait for the next collection of adventures from Ani’s world!!

Mrs Mary Smith rated this book five stars out of five on Amazon and said:

The small dog of the title of this lovely book is called Ani. I first met her on Sue Vincent’s blog, which she takes over from time to time. This is a collection of some of her posts. I really enjoyed it – in turn thought provoking, poignant, and laugh-out-loud funny. Lovely photos of Ani who has a most expresive face.

About Sue Vincent:

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire born writer, esoteric teacher and Director of The Silent Eye. She has been immersed in the Mysteries all her life. Sue maintains a popular blog, sharing life’s rich experience and is co-author of The Mystical Hexagram with Dr G.Michael Vasey and recently published Sword of Destiny. She lives in Buckinghamshire, having been stranded there some years ago due to an accident with a blindfold, a pin and a map. She has a lasting love-affair with the landscape of Albion, the hidden country of the heart. She is currently owned by a small dog who also writes. Ani, owner of the above named, was born in the care of a canine rescue. Her dam an English Setter, there is evidence of both Irish charm and setter lunacy in her background. She is read by fans worldwide and produced this small book in response to numerous requests and in the hope of raising funds for an automatic tennis ball launcher, in an attempt to conserve energy… mainly that of her pet human and the ball guy…

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