Michael celebrated his eleventh birthday today with his friends. He wanted a party and it had to be a Lazer Tag party so that meant a war/swords/guns theme again! In his short eleven years we have had a pirate party, a Star Wars party, a warrior party, a knights party and now two soldier parties. It does become a bit hard to think up an interesting cake idea, year after year, for what is essentially the same type of topic. Michael also insisted on my ice cream cake idea, AGAIN! This consists of baking two thin vanilla cakes in a Swiss Roll baking tin and sandwiching them together with two litres of ice-cream. I then put this culinary delight into the freezer and make the vanilla butter cream icing. Once the icing is read I have to work really fast to slap it onto the cake and get the fondant warrior or soldier bust attached before the cake starts to melt. My warrior ice-cream cake and this year’s, soldier ice-cream cake, are below:


I really wanted to do something a bit more spectacular and special. Michael announced last week that he thought I needed to make an additional cake that was not ice-cream as his best friend does not like ice-cream. So there was my opportunity to impose my own idea and so I decided to make him a Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain cake.

That is exactly what I did. It was a bit of effort as I had to bake three large rectangular cakes for Table Mountain, two vanilla cakes and one chocolate cake. I then made two round rich chocolate cakes for Devil’s Peak, one slightly larger than the other. Yesterday, I spend the whole morning up to my eyes in brown and dark green vanilla butter icing as I glued and decorated my creation. Before doing any detailed icing, I had to cut the cakes to shape. This was a bit tricky and I had to use cut off bits of cake to fill up other spaces to try and get the right look and feel for Devil’s Peak. Table Mountain was a bit easier as it is flat on top so I only had to carve the front and sides. Once the carving and gluing construction element of the cake was complete, I covered the entire cake and the cake board with a mixture of green and brown icing. I then sieved coco over the top of the butter icing to make it more brown than green. This is what the cake looked like at this point:


Now I had my basic mountains shape and I just needed to decorate it. I had some chocolate nut cluster “rocks” that I made last week for the camping cake and lots of tiny little flowers in yellow, pink and blue. I attached the flowers in clusters all over the cake and put some rocks around the front of the main cake.

img_0582As a final touch, I thought it would be nice if Sir Chocolate dropped in for a visit. Here he is:


Not to bad, I was fairly happy with the end result. What do you think?

Find Robbie Cheadle:








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