No Cure for Fear – My review


My review

We are introduced to the Ralph in the introductory chapter of the book. He is working in his laboratory on a cure for leukaemia when he is called into the office of his boss. She tells Ralph that she will help facilitate promotions for him within the company if he will assist her in finding trial subjects for a new medication for severe depression. Ralph approaches an old college acquaintance, Eddie Miller, to see if he would be interested in participating in the medical trial. Eddie, who dropped out of college and is now a local graffitti artist and cocaine dealer, is desperate for money to help his terminally ill sister. Despite his misgivings about the proposal he agrees to undertake the medical trial in exchange for an opportunity to keen the profits from a synthetic type of cocaine. Eddie also persuades three of his fellow drug dealing friends to participate. The four men start taking the trial medication and soon things start to go wrong and they start experiencing serious side effects.

Ralph is an egotistical loner who feels disappointed with life due to the fact he was not accepted to study at medical school. His brother, who is five years his senior, stole his motivational notes as to why he wanted to become a doctor and used them to gain entry himself into medical school. When Ralph uses these same notes, years later, in his application to medical school he is accused of plagiarism and rejected. Ralph never recovers from this and feels compelled to prove himself to his family, who see him as the inferior achiever.

Eddie is the leader of his group of drug dealers and the instigator of their participation in the medical trial. He is not a big user of cocaine himself and is very devoted to his sister, who is dying of cancer. Eddie is forced to drop out of college when his father walks out on the family and he needs to earn an income. When Eddie starts to realise that things are not going well, Ralph convinces him to remain on the medical trial and keep his friends involved to, by providing him with medications for the treatment of leukaemia for his ailing sister.

The characters of both Ralph and Eddie were convincing and well described. The story is fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I read this book in three days which is pretty fast for someone who works full time. I rate this book four out of five stars as I really like it.

Description on Amazon

Eddy Miller, a local graffiti artist and cocaine dealer, has only one goal – to save enough money for his terminally ill sister’s care. When a blast from his past, Ralph, makes him an offer he can’t refuse, he ignores his gut feeling and takes on a dubious medical trial. This, in exchange for a chance to keep all the profits from the sale of a synthetic type of cocaine. But when things start going wrong, will Eddy care enough to put a stop to the trial? And what really lies behind the secretive medical firm producing these drugs?

Goodreads reviews

Tanya rated No Cure for Fear four stars (out of five stars) and said:

“NO CURE FOR FEAR is one of the books that I literally couldn’t put down. Miriam Averna has this sort of writing that is so compelling that it grips you till the very end. The plot is full of suspense and tension that keeps you second guessing along the way. What I also enjoyed was that there was just a tad drop of humour within the plot that releases the tension of the actual piece. The story is voiced from multiple points of view as well as flashbacks of the past leading to the present that gives the reader a rounded view of the plot. Overall, it was an amazing read! So if you enjoy medical mysteries, this read is for you or literally anyone that enjoys a well-written storyline.”

Owen Mullen rated this book four stars (out of five stars) and said:

“Corporations that control people for their own ends is eerily topical. As a story I liked it, plenty of pace and not too technical when dealing with pharmaceutical development. The deception and intrigue drew me in. Well done to the author.”

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