This post is for Ritu Bhathal’s Loveuary challenge. You can join in the fun here

My Michael

I love my little Michael,

He is the sweetest boy;

I often give him cuddles,

And buy him a nice new toy.


We read our favourite stories,

About dragons and brave knights;

He thoroughly enjoys them,

Then, out go all the lights.


From closed cupboards and doors,

Lurking monsters stealthily creep;

And my poor little lad,

Can’t get an wink of sleep.


Into the marital bed,

My boy quietly slides;

And between his loving parents,

From night time horrors hides.


Mom and dad lie, awake,

While Mikey kicks and dreams;

Unable to get any rest,

Counting sheep won’t work, it seems.

by Robbie Cheadle

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