Thursday photo prompt – Flame #writephoto

This extract from Silly Willy goes to Cape Town was written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt – Flame. You can take part in this photo prompt by following this link: The prompt got me going so well on the topic of fire and flames that I wrote a whole new chapter for the book [which I thought was complete]. I am very happy with the edition though and here is a brief snippet for you.

A fire on Table Mountain

On the side of the mountain, much higher up than the road, we could see billowing clouds of grey smoke and the bright yellow flames of a fire on the mountain.

As our car moved slowly forward we saw two huge red fire trucks race past up the road leading up to the mountain. There were lots of people standing on the side of the road looking up at the raging fire. Mom said that Cape Town gets rain during the winter so it gets very dry during the summer months and fires on the mountain happen a lot. This fire was spreading very quickly and there were about thirty firemen, dressed in their big firemen suits and wearing hats and smoke masks, up on the mountain fighting the fire. We could see their small figures moving around amid the smoke. The fireman were trying desperately to save the special, protected flowers and bushes that grew on the sides of the mountain. The cars were hardly moving at all because of all the smoke, people and emergency vehicles so we sat in our car and watched the fire. The wind had started to blow a bit harder and the fire was spreading, I could see the flames jumping from one small tree and bush to another. It was scary to watch how fast the flames moved. The fire burned up everything and left smoking, black ash behind it. Dad pointed towards the sea, “Look” he said.

I could see a helicopter with a huge big bucket attached to it, hovering over the water. The helicopter dropped down a bit lower and filled its bucket with water. It then moved upwards slowly bringing the full bucket of water up with it. The helicopter flew towards the mountain and, hovering above the flames, it dropped all the water in its bucket onto the flames. There was a sizzling sound and white misty steam rose up from the fire. The helicopter flew away; out to sea again to refill the water bucket. A short while later another helicopter arrived with a bucket and it also started dumping “water bombs” on the fire to help put it out.

Our car was making some progress moving forward and the fire was getting further away. Soon I couldn’t see the fire anymore but only the grey smoke against the blue sky.

Willy was very excited by the fire. He unstrapped himself and stood on the back seat looking out of the back window. He waved at all the people standing around and cheered loudly every time one of the helicopters dropped a water bomb.


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