Contrasting colours – a poem for my wedding anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary. This morning, sixteen years ago, my family home was in an uproar. My three sisters, my mom, my soon to be sister-in-law and I were having a lovely day preparing for my wedding. It was a day of complete spoiling as we all had our hair done at home by a hairdresser, who was also a friend and who was coming to the wedding, had flattering make up applied by a professional make-up artist and had lots of lovely photographs taken by a professional photographer.


Unlike many of the brides I have know and read about, I was not at all anxious on my wedding day. I had never organised an event like a wedding before and so I had complete confidence in all our chosen service providers and it did not even occur to me that things might go wrong. As a result I never worried about anything and was quite relaxed. The odd little thing did go wrong, of course, but I never really even noticed those silly little things. I realised the day before the wedding that the back seat of my Dad’s car was not big enough to accommodate me in my extremely large, hooped wedding dress skirt and long train and my Dad so we had to rush around and arrange to borrow a bigger car. I arrived a bit to early. My Dad has a horror of being late and so he hustled us all to such an extent that we ended up arriving before the guests were all seated in the Chapel and our minister rushed out and asked us to drive around the block. A playful little wind blew up while we were having our photographs after the ceremony and I have my veil across my face in some of the photographs. The photographs didn’t take as long as we expected and so we were early for the reception and had to wait in the garden. We had a lovely time practicing our dance all across the lovely, green lawn. None of these small things mattered. Now, sixteen years later, we can look back and laugh even more about them as they added character to the day.


Contrasting colours – a poem about Terence and I

My husband is…. I am….
a calm expanse of water, glass smooth and clear; a whirlpool of relentless, swirling motion;
a gentle zephyr, mildly puffing through life; a tornado, tearing across fields and dales;
a leader with a firm attitude and commanding tone; a soldier, determinedly marching through life;
a tawny owl, silent, watchful and wise; a red breasted robin, bright eyed, perky and daring;
a spacious cavern, silent, restful and still; a babbling stream, vibrant, noisy and turbulent;
a grandfather clock, steadily marking the seconds, minutes and hours; a cuckoo clock that loudly announces the hour;
a dictionary, providing an exact and definitive meaning; a mysterious poem with different shades of meaning;
a mighty redwood, solid, sturdy and dependable; a day lily flowering in a myriad of deep and bright colours,
a mural painted in calming blues and greens. a collage of bright colours, yellows, oranges and pinks.

By Robbie Cheadle

So chocolate kisses and sugar hugs to my dear husband on this special day, may the next sixteen years be as joyous as the previous sixteen have been.


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26 thoughts on “Contrasting colours – a poem for my wedding anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary. Celebrating each one is so important and telling everyone about it is, as well. Your wedding is not just a ‘big deal’, it’s a ‘really BIG DEAL’.


  2. Oh what a beautiful poem of contrasts.. sometimes the best recipe 🙂 lol..
    Happy Belated Anniversary wishes to you and your hubby Ronnie.. So loved the account of your special day beginning the rest of your lives together..
    And loved the photo’s

    I wish you both many more years of Happy Contrasts.. 🙂 And hope you are as Happy as my Hubby and myself.. We celebrated at the end of Jan.. 42 yrs.. 🙂 ❤
    Contrasts are what keep us alive.. 🙂
    Big Hugs.. ❤


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